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Can you be the last one standing in this Death Match?

What is more fun than playing your favorite video games? Playing your favorite video games with your friends! Or at least, those that allow you to, called multiplayer games. The most popular genre of multiplayer games is the action shooter, or specifically the First-person shooter. And today we are looking at such a game entirely for Virtual Reality.

Match IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

Match is a multiplayer, virtual reality PVP (preson-vs-person) shooter game. Match will put you in a virtual bloodbath with your friends after you challenge and dominate them. Your task is to defend your position and while you blast off your enemies on the way to the top. You have a weapon and a shield and you can either choose to go all out or you can decide to take a stealthier approach and hide among the virtual shadows.

Match IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and Features

Match offers four types of weapons for now. A blade, a pistol, a rifle and a railgun, all of which have a cool sci-fi look to them. The players have health and armor packs at their disposal and for now the game includes several different levels designed for a very intense deathmatch. The multiplayer game supports up to 16 players per match.

Match IFGN Screenshot 3

Early Access

Match is currently on Early Access on Steam and the developers – PlatformaVR – recently ran a beta test. The aim of the test was to gather people who are going to test the game and share feedback alongside the development, so that they can achieve the perfect project. For the future they are planning to add more levels as well as a built-in level designer tool. That will probably allow the players to create their own deathmatch arenas. Of course, more weapons will come as the game progresses like grenades, a rocket launcher, a shotgun and more. Character customization is also on the list.

Match IFGN Screenshot 4


Match is an FPS multiplayer for Virtual Reality with a lot of potential. If you like the game and want to follow along the process of development, join the studio’s Discord server and if you want to know when the game is going to come out, add it to your wishlist on Steam.

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