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Calm Your Nerves by Emerging on the Magical Adventure of Fujii

Fujii is a magical experience that takes you through a chromatic natural environment in virtual reality that’s accompanied by lovely music. The team behind it is Funktronic Labs and their goal is to create high quality experiences through art and design. Today we are going to take a look at one of their projects – Fujii.

Fujii IFGN Screenshot 1

About the game

Although most of the content for VR out there is mostly fast-paced, action and chaos, there are some games that offer a calm and chill experience that is made entirely to comfort the senses. This is exactly how I felt after Fujii. It is a serene and mystical journey through vibrant and colorful wilderness landscapes. It combines outdoor exploration with creative gardening all surrounded by lovely, peaceful music.

Fujii IFGN Screenshot 2


You start by emerging from a mystical tree out to explore unique and magical biomes that the game offers. They are 3 and they offer various interactions like watering plants, touching them and other creatures in musical ways that help restore the biomes’ lifeforce. It also expands the energetic rings of life that hover above. Each biome has its unique plants and creatures that require different interactions and eventually you reach the source of Fujii’s energy.

Fujii IFGN Screenshot 3

Another cool feature for the players is the ability to gather exotic seeds from all of the biomes. These seeds you can bring home and cultivate into your own beautiful exotic garden. By doing this you can create and customize your own landscape according to what you find beautiful and relaxing.

Fujii IFGN Screenshot 4


Some of my favourite features about this pretty virtual reality experience are the fact that you are accompanied by the most adorable little gnome that helps you throughout the adventure. Another favourite thing of mine is definitely the vibrant colors and beautiful graphics that really make you feel like you are in a serene place and out of your everyday hectic reality. But my most favourite feature is the way the music fits to all of that and creates a wonderful meditative experience that together with the customizable garden, allows you to create your own perfect paradise for peace and tranquility.

Fujii IFGN Screenshot 5


Fujii is a lovely and wonderful experience in virtual reality that can bring you lots of joy and peace of mind by immersing you in an otherworldly wilderness world. Funktronic Labs definitely accomplished their goal with this game to bring a high quality experience through art and design with the help of technology. Fujii is set to release on the 27th of June, so if you like it and want to support it, make sure you add it to your wishlist!

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