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Brass Town Wrestling RPG: A RPG Maker Potential Gem

The Rocky movies showed us the life of someone who dreamed of becoming a professional boxer, but what about a professional wrestler? Is there no medium to represent this niche concept? Surprisingly there is, thanks to one man, Mauro Amatosi. With the help of RPG maker he’s developing a game where you live to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional wrestler, Brass Town Wrestling RPG. It is currently running a Kickstarter campaign so what better time to give it a look and see what it’s all about.

Brass Town Wrestling RPG Fishing

About the Game

Brass Town Wrestling RPG takes inspiration from Harvest Moon, being a small open world life sim, and mixes it with the skill building system of Princess Maker 2. A very interesting combination that sounds like it could turn out really well. You take the role of a young wrestling enthusiast that left college and now wishes to fulfill your dreams of becoming a professional. The first step of your journey is to go to Brass Town in order to enter the local wrestling competition. At that point onward not much is known about the story, but we do know what features the game will have.

Brass Town Wrestling RPG Doctor

Obviously, there will be fighting against other wrestlers. As you compete in matches you’ll gain popularity and you’ll also develop a move set based on how often you use certain attacks. Victories will push you up the rankings to take on stronger opponents. There are also jobs you can do for the people in the town to earn extra cash and build relationships with them. Whether you want to save your money to buy a house or spend it all on drinks or something else is up to you. Depending on the decisions you make you can either become a face (good person) or a heel (bad person). Your actions will also affect Brass Town itself, so choose wisely what kind of person you want to be.

Brass Town Wrestling RPG Fighting


Brass Town Wrestling RPG certainly doesn’t lack features, there are even quite a bit that I didn’t mention. The fact that this is mostly the work of just one guy is very impressive. You can’t deny the passion that Mauro Amatosi is putting into this game. If you are interested in the project and want to support it there is a Kickstarter campaign currently running which you can check out here.


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