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Bomber Barn – Bomberman Game with Cute Animals

Bomber Barn is a cute and competitive multiplayer game, featuring adorable farm animals. Bomb your friends with your unique abilities, blasting through a variety of themed maps designed for tense battles.


bomber barn About the game

Late Leaf Games noticed that there have been no Bomberman games lately. And this is why Bomber Barn was made. This is not your typical Bomberman game. In this game you grab your farm buddy and get bombing. Pick a sweet animal character and figure out where to place your bombs in the level so that you destroy your opponent. Each player has to place only one bomb at a time strategically throughout the map. Or you can go all out and spam a few bombs all at once and bring the apocalypse. By bombing your surroundings different objects are destroyed too, so in the end it will be an open field. It is all up to your skills then, can you trick the other player? Victory will require not only fast reflexes, but also deliberate movement and impeccable timing.


bomber barnThere are currently a few different maps but more to come in the future. Bomber Barn is planned to be finished until the end of March 2019. The full version of the game will be complete with custom sound effects and more visual polish. Hopefully in the upcoming version of the game you will be able to give your character a custom look. A very interesting feature in this game is that you can make rule variations also called mix-ins, based on how you prefer to play.


bomber barnRight now, Bomber Barn is available for players on Steam. You and your friends can choose from 4 cute animals across 8 distinct maps, with any combination of the 8 available mix-ins. If you are a loner and have no friends, don’t worry there are also bots. They can fill in slots whenever you want to play. The characters have different abilities that will put you in advantage in front of the others. For example the turtle can hide in its shell without getting hurt by the bombs and the donkey can kick bombs away. So try every character out and see which one matches your style best.




Catering to both casual and competitive crowds, Bomber Barn adds a modern twist to an old classic. It is a very cute game you can play with friends for a lot of fun. I very much enjoyed playing the demo and I’m waiting for the full version of the game to come out to fully enjoy it.

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