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Bloody VR Madness in Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy

Have you guys ever played Feeding Frenzy. It’s an old, but cool 2D game where you controlled a fish and tried to eat other fish while avoiding ones that could eat you. Now imagine something similar, but it’s first person VR, multiplayer, and takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. What you get is Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy.

Sea Horse


Humans have been up to no good again it seems, this time causing a nuclear winter. This has made living tough for the creatures living in the Amazon River. There were a lot of hungry fish, but little food for them, forcing migrations. A group of piranhas were able to persevere and reach the mouth of the Amazon. There the vast ocean waited for them with beautiful reefs and plenty of food. They had competition though, vicious shark, hungry turtle and even straight up sea monsters. It didn’t take long for blood to flow and the feeding frenzy was on. The piranhas grew stronger the more they ate, but also started to change. Their flesh began to rotting away, and their eyes glowed red. Perhaps the chunks of flesh falling into the water weren’t the most healthy choice of sustenance, but there was no stopping at this point.


So what about the gameplay. You get to choose one of four characters and are then dropped in the death infested waters. Your goal is to be the first to eat one hundred pieces of flesh that occasionally fall from the surface. Your not competing alone though, these waters are home to zombified piranhas, electrifying jellyfish, deadly sharks and other this that want that meat for themselves. Both you and your opponents have access to a variety of gear that will help in getting rid of the competition. These include throwable starfish, torpedos, mines and other stuff that can unalive you. The game has both a multiplayer mode which you can play on dedicated servers, and a singleplayer mode where you play against computer generated AI and progress through levels and try to get a high score.

Zombie Piranha


If you’ve played Feeding Frenzy when you were a kid then i’d advise you get Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy for nostalgia sake. If you haven’t played Feeding Frenzy then i’d still advise getting this as it’s still an enjoyable game. It’s very immersive with good sounds and decent visuals as well as solid gameplay. It does have some problems here and there, but which game doesn’t. If you are interested you can check out Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy’s Steam page here.

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