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blocks – a 2D Platformer

Blocks is a minimalist platformer designed to be easy to pick up and fun to play. As you progress, the game gets increasingly more difficult, requiring you to master power-ups and timing to win! This is the first game made by the new developer BlueRichter. The game is designed to test your platforming abilities for both new and experienced platformer players.


blocks About the game

First of all let me mention that I suck at this game, almost broke my PC. But once you get the hang of it you start to really enjoy playing the game. At first glance this game looks so simple but when you start playing it you will notice there is more to it than it seems. You start off as a block that has to navigate through a terrain of platforms. There are a couple different types of platforms you will come across. For example there are neutral platforms that don’t really do anything when you land on them, the red ones though, make you jump non stop until you get off of them.

These and many more different platforms are spread throughout the 40 levels in the game. So even when you thought you mastered this game there will be more to overcome. Because you can die so many times, you might see this platformer as a challenge. Especially with the death counter in the corner. And indeed it is a struggle, you should try really hard in order to beat all the levels, only the most skillful ones can achieve that. Also while you play you will be bombarded with falling blocks or blocked by walls which if you touch you die.



In this game size matters. Why, you might ask. Well, there are certain platforms that require you to be small or big. If you aren’t the right size for that platform you die. Also sometimes you have to switch sizes mid-air before you land on the next platform. You will see an icon placed on the platform itself that will indicate what size you need to be to land on it safely. For more diversity and fun you have the option to switch between different game modes. Such as: casual, competitive, and speed-run.



Game Modes

Now more about the games modes. In casual game mode you will play the game more freely, with checkpoints and no timer, allowing for a more relaxing experience while playing. This is best for training for long periods of time. To master the block one must become the block. As for the competitive game mode we have more of a challenge, this mode has no checkpoints and a simple timer, requiring a higher skill level. After you have died at least a trillion times you can step up your game with this mode. And last but not least there is speedrun mode where the ultimate way to play is in one sitting. With your progress being erased if the game is left.




Blocks is a very fun game to play in your free time, it contains many different and interesting features. You can even try playing with friends and challenge them to see who dies less. It is a simple looking game to make it easier to understand and start playing. Nothing too complicated. The game is currently on Steam.

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