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Blind – VR Game Review

People become nostalgic when it comes to puzzle games. They are not what they used to be like back in the days. Today’s games aim mostly for great graphics and special effects. The puzzles seem unfinished and too simplistic, which leaves you with zero satisfaction after you complete one. Especially in virtual reality where the developers emphasize on the shooter genre and there aren’t many good puzzle games. Blind might be one though.

Blind is a VR narrative-driven psychological thriller, where you wake up trapped in a mansion and had just lost your eyesight. The only way to explore your surroundings is with echolocation.



You take the role of a female character that wakes up after a car crash into an unknown mansion. She quickly discovers that she has lost her eyesight. A mysterious voice known as the Warden of the mansion goads her to explore it. By throwing different items to create soundwaves she is able to see glimpses of her surroundings. This enables her and you – the player – to explore the mysteries of this mansion, solve puzzles and discover what is happening to the main character.


Blind VR Screenshot 1


Gameplay and Features

The main way to navigate through Blind is by creating soundwaves that act like an echolocation system. At the beginning you have a cane which you can tap to create sound. You also find various items like gramophones and others that make sound and act as a lighthouse. A soundwave reveals your surroundings for a little until you produce another one.

Blind is the type of game that puts you into a whole different world and provides a unique experience. Placing you in the shoes of a blind person, the game is built entirely for virtual reality supporting binaural audio and motion control. This provides for a full immersive experience.

Blind VR Screenshot 2

As you search for answers and solve mind-troubling puzzles, the game will keep you under constant emotional tension. But the mystery of what happened to you will keep you driven to find out the answers.


Blind is a game that provides a unique experience, with a great story, gameplay, sounds and features. Not only does it send chills down your spine but it puts you in the shoes of a blind person. By exploring the subject of blindness it leaves you being grateful for what you have. Blind is a promising title that can bring a little to a lot of people.


Feel free to check it out: Steam


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