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Blast the Past: Demolition Expert in VR

We’ve all look at those giant wrecking ball cranes and thought to ourselves “Damn, I wanna smash something with that”. The only thing that stopped me personally was the fact that I didn’t have a license to operate such vehicles, but those days are now gone. No, I do not have a license, but I do have Blast the Past.


Honestly, there isn’t that much to the Blast the Past, but there’s no need for to be more than it already is.  You’re tasked with the destruction of the old buildings and in the city. Your tool for the task in a giant wrecking ball attached to a crane. You control said crane using different levers and buttons. One makes the vehicle turn, the other extends its arm, there is one that lowers and retracts the ball and, of course,  a button that summons corn on a cob, all integral to your job.

Blast the Past wrecking ball


The destruction physics of the game a very solid. When you strike a section of a building it crumbles in that particular area. If a part of the structure is not connected with the ground it falls apart. This sound like the basic things you would expect from a game with destruction physics, but it is very rarely done in VR which makes it that more fun and appealing.


Blast the Past also has a lot of secrets hidden in different areas. Inside the building there are 10 weird objects that you can find. These include a giant hot dog, a statue of a dude dabbing, a bouncy ball and more. If you touch them with your ball you collect them, which doesn’t add too much, but it’s nice to have. There are even secrets inside your crane, but I won’t spoil those.

Blast the Past radio


Blast the Past is a mini-game that offers around an hour of fun. It’s honestly quite impressive when you take into account the fact that it was made by some students that just wanted to make a game. It’s free and a great stress reliever, so if you are interested in playing with ball there’s no reason not to try it.

You can get Blast the Past from the Steam store here.


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