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Beyond the Stars VR – an Educational Experience with a Great Purpose

The virtual reality technology has allowed us to immerse ourselves into new worlds that only the most vivid imagination can build. It has allowed us to experience fun, joy and action on a whole new level. However it is not all about the hectic gameplay. Virtual Reality games can also be educational. If done right they can be both educational and fun. So is Beyond the Stars VR.

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It is a short and free adventure and exploration experience that was made with an important purpose behind it. Due to an NCD Crisis (non-communicable diseases) in the Pacific Islands, Beyond the Stars was created to inspire primary school children to adopt healthy eating habits via storytelling and interactive technology. The experience was piloted over 300 primary school children across multiple areas of Fiji and the results showed that it had a significant impact on their attitudes towards healthy eating. After that the children were given a Beyond the Stars storybook and an interactive game to continue their learning journey. To find out more about this wonderful cause click here.

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About the Game

According to the legend, a long time ago, magical guardians lived on the Pacific Islands. However, once they left, the people have become sick and the lands have started to decay. All hope was lost, until one day, a brave young hero came along. He realised that he may rediscover the guardians’ secrets by finding the hidden relics they had left behind. Embark on the 10 minute cinematic journey to see the mythical history and magical world of Beyond the Stars. Go through breath-taking immersive environments and solve exciting puzzles to see if you can be the hero to save the dying lands.

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Beyond the Stars VR is a very short experience for virtual reality that was created with a very important mission behind it. We don’t usually write about such experiences here on IFGN, but anything we can do to help bring awareness to the problems of humanity is worth it. We are all in this together, we all share the same home – our planet – and we have to help each other out. Beyond the Stars is a free experience on Steam so you can get it at any time and enjoy its beautiful environments and interactive puzzles. And knowing that it is helping hundreds of children to live a better life really makes you appreciate that the gaming industry is able to bring not only fun to people but also valuable knowledge on important topics.

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