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Best VR Games Of 2018 on Steam

VR games have been picking up steam (pun intended) in the most recent years. As the headsets are becoming more widely available more developers start making games designed for Virtual Reality instead of just being ported for it. Many great titles have been released as a result, so it’s about time to check out some of the best VR games that came out on Steam during the previous year.

Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts Knifes

We’ve all had those days bad days at the office when we just felt like killing all of our coworkers. Well, Budget Cuts is more about mixing up the murder with stealth, but who’s gonna stop me from trying to use the most violent of methods. You can use all kinds of office supplies as improvised weapons. From cups to scissors and even throwing knives. I’ll have to admit that being sneaky is sometimes required. To help you with that you have a portal gun, which you can use to both teleport peek through corners. The game is a great experience overall.

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Sairento VR

Sairento VR Sword

Most people have wanted to be a ninja when they were kids, but the hope of that happening goes away once you realise it’s not a valid career choice. Sairento VR is the closest you will actually get to experiencing that childhood dream. In it you take the role of a cyber ninja that is part of a righteous but covert organization that practices both ancient martial arts and modern fighting. You can triple jump, wall run, power slide, do back flips and slow down time. Combine those skills with a variety of weapons and you have yourself a really awesome game.

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Blade and Sorcery

Blades and Sorcery Magic

Killing people with medieval weapons and magic is something that I’ve always wanted to do and Blade and Sorcery provides the most realistic and legal way to do it. You can really feel that the game is built for VR. You’re dropped in a sandbox environment and have to fight against waves of poor sods not aware that they’re just sheep for the slaughter. The game features full physics driven melee, ranged and magic combat. I’d say that it’s one of the best VR games concentrated on combat, even though it’s still in Early Access.

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Moss, Chasing A Light

Here’s a more charming entry for the list. Moss is a single player action-adventure puzzle game. In it you team up with a mouse named Quill and together you set out on an epic journey. You get to travel to forgotten realms, solving some very well-designed puzzles, and fight against a variety of menacing enemies. The combat is very well-made and the visually of the game looks amazing, with both great graphics and art style. It’s sets a standard of what level of quality you can expect from VR game.

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Beat Saber

Beat Saber Slashing

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Beat Saber, even people not interested in VR have heard of it. That’s because it’s a great game, very deserving of its fame and reputation (and also because of good marketing, but talking about that wont be very interesting). There are cubes coming at you, synchronized with a song that is playing, and you have to slice them with a lightsaber. The concept is simple, but very well executed. Beat Saber is not only the best rhythm game for VR, but one of the best rhythm games as a whole.

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