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Become A Food Sniper In Epic Food Fight VR

Epic Food Fight is a type of hide and sneak game where you slingshot food into your opponents. With plenty of food and many enemies to choose from you can dive into the experience in VR.  Take defence behind your fence and don’t let anyone hit you.


About the game

Get ready for the most delicious fight of your life. Be a part of the most epic journey across 3 unique worlds and shoot opponents with five different types of food. Epic Food Fight VR is not your typical food fighting game. You play as a food sniper on top of a watch tower. You need to be always on your toes and listen carefully. Since the sounds in the game are made very well you can hear when someone is walking closer or shooting at you. Use your sniper skills to find your target and shoot them until they are full and fall asleep. The levels are beautifully made and the art itself is really good. The characters are chibi-like and probably some of them will be familiar to you. In your way will stand 3 challenging bosses. Battling them is harder than battling the normal characters. That’s where the fun comes in. You need to use what you have learned so far and be really accurate. The atmosphere of the game is just amazing, the music, the environment, the whole experience is just very enjoyable. Don’t worry if the enemy takes the best of you. Throughout the levels are spread health pick up and or boosts. For each level you have a certain amount of chibies you need to knock out. And after every quest. Epic Food Fight is an easy to understand game and it doesn’t matter how old you are you can play it. There is a tutorial that explains how to play the game very clearly.



All in all Epic Food Fight VR is a very fun game to play and it’s stress relieving. I mean how could you deny that smacking someone with burger in the face doesn’t feel nice. The characters are very adorable and the music and sounds are very nice for the game. No matter how long you play it you will never get tired. Epic Food Fight vR is currently on Steam.

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