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Be VR a Superstar in Super Hockey Ball

Do you remember those childhood years when you would just play with friends near your home, just tossing a ball around and hitting things with sticks. Those are some fond memories, but if you tried to recreate them you’ll discover two things. The first is that it’s not as fun as you remember it and second is that you might get some weird looks. The VR game Super Hockey Ball offers an enjoyable alternative. In it you play street hockey, surrounded by a cartoonish environment, aiming to score as many points as possible. The game is not released yet, but it’s worth taking a look at developers’ progress.

Super Hockey Ball Missing The Target

About the Game

Super Hockey Ball is exactly what you might expect, you play street hockey with a ball. Of course there is more to it, but the developers have made sure that things are boiled down to this basic concept to avoid needless distractions. There won’t be any random objects for you to pick up just because you can. What you’re going to be doing is running across the environment while hitting a ball with a hockey stick and trying to break targets.

Super Hockey Ball Scoring

While the concept might be simple, the developers aim to make the game as polished as possible. Many of the features are designed to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable for the player.  For instance, you’ll be able to choose between hand oriented locomotion and head oriented locomotion and there’ll be both smooth and snap turning. Super Hockey Ball will also have roomscale blocking which means you won’t have to fear walk through virtual walls and objects as you move in the real world.

Super Hockey Ball Running

As mentioned before the design of the game is very cartoonish which I believe sells the feeling of you being a young kid playing on the street very well. The levels are also partially procedurally generated. By that I mean that the trees, bushes clouds and other objects are different every time you start up a level. The developers are working on adding more environments improving artwork and adding new music so you can expect for things to get even better.

Super Hockey Ball Targets


I’ll be honest, I’ve never been interested in real hokey, but Super Hockey Ball’s goal isn’t to emulate reality, it is to present you with something better. The developers seem to be working hard on the game are aiming to get it out this spring. If you are interested in Super Hockey Ball you can check out the official Steam page here.

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