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Bayani – a history-based fighting game on Kickstarter

Bayani is a 1-on-1 fighting game developed by the indie studio Ranida Games. Based in the Philippines, the studio has developed other great online flash game franchises like Sniper Assassin, Potty Racers and Dragon Slayers. With the experience of creating good games, Ranida now turns to Kickstarter for support for their new title.


About Bayani

Inspired by the Philippines’ rich history, culture and mythology, Bayani is a 2D fighting game that combines the well-known beautiful 3D graphics of the modern games. In Filipino, “bayani” means hero – a noble person with outstanding qualities who is ready to sacrifice everything in the name of his country. This title is given to individuals who have impacted the history of the Philippines in a meaningful way. With that being said, the developers from Ranida Games describe their game as “a fusion of tradition, culture, and digital art.”

Screenshot 3 Bayani IFGN

Gameplay and Features

The world of Bayani is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the world is destroyed by multiple wars. The different levels feature beautiful landscapes and refer to many historical landmarks and figures. What is unique about it is that, at full release it will feature 8 playable characters. All of which are inspired by actual historical figures that have had a great impact on the Philippines’ history.

Bayani comes with the following game modes:

  • Single player – where you play against the AI.
  • 2-players versus mode – where you compete in a 1-on-1 match against your friends or family.
  • Single player story mode – Each character has their own unique lore that later intertwines with the world and story of Bayani.

Other features of the game are:

  • Collecting historical relics
  • Unlockable character skins
  • Original soundtrack

Screenshot 1 Bayani IFGN


Bayani is currently on its Kickstarter crowdfunding and the developers need your help in order to finish this awesome game. What I wrote in this article is very little compared to what they have included on their Kickstarter page, so make sure you check everything out. If you enjoy what they are doing, feel free to help with anything you can afford.



Bayani is the first fighting Filipino game that is based on actual historical figures and events. With Ranida Games’ rich experience in game development, they are going to make sure they won’t let their players or backers down and deliver a great product to the community. The game will be released first on Steam Early Access which will not include some of the feature mentioned above. They will be added to the full release of the game. The developers are also planning the game to be released for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and for Mobile. If you love fighting games, if you appreciate the Filipino culture and history, then Bayani is going to bring you a lot of fun and a feeling of patriotism.

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