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BARDO: A Bow Against Evil Spirits

BARDO is a VR wave shooter for those that seek to immerse themselves in a highly stylistic game. In it you embody the essence of a Tibetan archer and have to fight off waves of corrupted Tsen spirits.


Like all wave shooters you only have to stay back and kill enemies as they come at you. This, of course, is easier said than done. The weapon you use is a bow, and the enemies come in large numbers, which means you better have good aim or this game’s going to be one hell of a work out. There are twenty levels in total, with a checkpoint every five levels, so that you don’t lose your mind when you die after playing through 15 levels and get send back to the first.


Through the whole game the bow is your only weapon, but the enemies get more numerous and with greater variety. This means that you have to improve your skills and accuracy in order to keep up. There are some abilities that do help you stand a better chance. One slows down time while you draw your bow, but it only lasts for a short amount so it’s best to save it for heated situations. The other pushes all enemies around you back, but it has a cooldown.


The enemies you fight in the game are corrupted Tsen spirits. When you start you’ll only encounter one or two varieties, but as you progress through the levels new types will appear to spice things up and make life harder for you. They include sword wielding spirits that slowly hover towards you, flying screaming heads, floating masks, a big bad boss at the end and others. One thing that really catches your eye about them their design. Everything in the game is gorgeous, but the enemies in particular are amazing to look at. Their design is great, combined with their animations it gives them a very menacing and eerie feel.

BARDO Enemies


Even before the actual gameplay starts you already start getting immersed in the atmosphere of the game. In the menu you select things by shooting with your bow and you are surrounded by mountains, floating bricks and buildings, with a bluish hue to everything. This, combined with the music, really gives the impression that you have entered into the afterlife.

When the game starts you’ll quickly notice how gorgeous everything is.  The snowy mountain peaks in the distance, the giant statue in front of you, the design of the buildings, the small objects scattered around, the enemies, everything sells you on the idea that you are actually in the Himalayas and fighting evil spirits. The drum music they use ties everything together, making for great immersion.

BARDO Temple


While it’s a basic wave shooter in its core, I would say that BARDO is one of the most immersive VR games out there. The atmosphere, art style, music and choice of weapon all work perfectly together to bring the world you are in to life. The gameplay, while limited due to its genre, is very solid as well, with nothing to really complain about. It’s a game worth your money.

You can find a link to the Steam store page here.

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