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Awakening of Celestial a Fantasy Visual Novel

Awakening of Celestial is a magical fantasy visual novel filled with exciting adventures, epic moments, complex characters, and many more! Developed by Celestial Project and it will be available for PC.


Awakening of Celestial


Star-link is a high school idol group. Soon they will leave their ordinary school life and attend a performance that they will never forget. The most special night for most students is the prom night. That eventful night that was supposed to fill them with beautiful memories but it suddenly took an abrupt turn when a mysterious light from the sky hit them. They are transported into Stellarium, this is an unimaginable fantasy world. This event will lead the three girls to meet the heroes that will guide them on an adventure to fight an unknown enemy. If they want to return back to Earth they have to defeat this enemy and prove themselves victorious. By undertaking this adventures they will soon learn that they aren’t just ordinary girls!

Why are they the chosen ones and who are these heroes? Will Star-Link find the hidden powers within their own selves? Feel the sense of adventure, battle, and idol all at once in Awakening of Celestial!


Awakening of Celestial


This is not your ordinary visual novel. Why am I saying this? Well for starters it features mini-games. One of which is a rhythm game, where you can hit buttons to the rhythm of the music and even sing along thanks to the displayed lyrics on the right. You can even replay the songs if you want to learn them. Another mini-game is an RPG battle. The type of RPG battle where you have three moves which are: attack, defence or support. Your victory depends  on your rock, paper, scissor skills. You have to pick the correct shape to win your battles. Your combats feature very cute chibi characters that you can’t possibly hate. Another cool thing is that you get 15 hours of game-play, so you have plenty to discover and conquer.


Awakening of Celestial


As to the art style of this visual novel I have to say that the characters are well drawn. Their facial expressions are very sincere and look real. The girls are very mesmerising and their clothes are very interesting. Some backgrounds on the other hand weren’t as beautiful as the characters in my opinion. Some were truly impressive however, some lacked the detail but still managed to get the idea through


Awakening of Celestial


The music in this visual novel is original and very unique. One of the songs reminded me of Elfen Lied as far as I can remember it was the opening song. Also the songs in the rhythm games are very upbeat and fun to listen to. There are more than 15 catchy BGM tunes.


Awakening of Celestial seems to be a visual novel filled with wonder and fun mini-games in between the story. The art of the characters is gorgeous the music is one of a kind and the story seems very promising. I have big hopes for this visual novel. If you are interested in anime related articles, why not check out our other article TOP 5 Best Anime VR Games.

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