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Angry Birds VR – Fling the Bird to Kill the Pig

Don’t you just love it when our favorite movie, book or animation gets adapted to another one of our favorite industries – gaming. When our favorite entertainment get adapted into games it gives us another chance to relive the story we fell in love with but from another perspective. And that’s wonderful. Today we are […]

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Have Your Mind Bent and Twisted in A Fisherman’s Tale

When done right, virtual reality games can have a huge impact on our understanding of gaming in VR. It is still somewhat easy for VR developers to create a game with a “wow” effect, because the niche is still small and there is a lot of incredible things that can be accomplished. However, more and […]

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Dance Your Way Into the Anime Girls VR World

A weeb is a person who is obsessed with anything related to anime and Japan. And there is nothing wrong with being a weeb. In fact we have quite a few weebs in the IFGN team. You may have noticed that from the numerous articles about anime games that we have. But there are many […]