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ArmZ VR – A Dynamic Wave Shooter

ArmZ VR is a wave shooter that will test how quick witted you really are. Your reflexes are all that matters, shoot sharp. Operate a huge battle mech and defend the city gates at all costs. Otherwise, doomed creatures from the bottom of the post-apocalyptic hell will break through the gates and wipe the last human habitats off the face of Earth.


Armz VR

About the game

With the advancement of technology the balance in the world has been ruined. Current events have led to a World War. The survivors from the chaos are hiding in ruined cities behind steel gates. This is the safe zone that separates the cities from the deadly creatures roaming the wastelands. The only thing that stands between you and them are the so called machines ARMZ. These battle weapons are possibly the last hope for the survivors. But no machine, no matter how powerful, would be of any use without you.


Armz VR

ArmZ VR offers a very immersive VR experience for the player. This game is a hellishly dynamic wave shooter. A game where man and machine become one. Guard the city walls with all of your might. You will be challenged by constant attacks of horrifying human-machine hybrids. One thing is certain, these creatures are blood-thirsty and they won’t hesitate to kill you, as that is their main goal.


Armz VR

They do not stand a chance against the ARMZ machine, no matter how powerful they are. This war machine adapts to your combat style. А very interesting feature is that your robotic arms are capable of way more than just pulling the trigger you can use them to get cover from bombs. Eliminate your enemies, drag their bodies, crush them or throw what is left of them at others. And once the situation on a battlefield gets really serious, wait for the hostile horde to come anywhere near an explosive, then blow it and enjoy the mayhem. You will fight diversive opponents, each with their unique skills and combat style.


Armz VR


This VR wave shooter is so much fun. You get to relieve stress from your day by smashing monsters in virtual reality. So far the game is very promising and grabs the attention of many. Not a lot of games can accomplish this success and it is very impressive.

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