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Arizona Sunshine Review: Sunshine, Fresh Air and Zombie Guts

This game puts you in the shoes of a smart mouth, kickass gunslinger who spends his days walking from place to place, trying to find other survivors of the zombie apocalypse and blowing zombies heads off along the way. Developed by Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games and published by Vertigo Games.

Gameplay and mechanics

The gameplay of Arizona Sunshine consists of shooting zombies. Nothing we haven’t seen before. But it has never before been done this well in VR. It really makes you feel like you are a part of the world. Aiming your guns, reloading, using items and interacting with the environment feels natural and intuitive. You get to use a selection of quite a few guns but you can only carry four at a time. Two in your hands and two in your holsters. Reloading happens by pressing a button to release the empty clip and lowering your gun to your belt. Ammo is easy to come by since most cars you find have a few guns and ammo clips in them. Makes you wonder how bad the world was before the zombie outbreak. There are many types of zombies to kill varying from normal ones to armored military ones.

Arizona Sunshine woman zombie


The story starts with our main character waking up in a small cave where he appears to have set up camp for the night. Venturing out into the world eventually leads him to a radio on which he hears that someone is trying to broadcast something. Happy that he is not alone, he goes on a mission to find the people sending that broadcast signal. The story is a simple one but never leaves you bored due to the constant witty remarks our main character makes. From the jokes he makes you gather that he is trying to keep his cool despite of the circumstances.


The game looks very good, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world. Choosing to use bright colors for the environment instead of the usual washed out gray and black makes the world feel real and alive.

Arizona Sunshine screenshot with zombie


The soundtrack is simple and it is used sparingly. Instead using silence to build up the tension in dark and scary places like the mines. The sound effects let you know exactly what you are hearing, how far away it is and where it is in relation to you. There are different sounds for each gun and they are all distinct and satisfying.


I can see gamers coming back to Arizona Sunshine after finishing it once to try beating it with the weapons they didn’t use much in their first playthrough. Other than that the game is easy to play in short bursts because of the simple and linear story, giving it a pick up and play quality.


Arizona Sunshine is receiving praise from most gamers for its solid gameplay, immersive environment and its easy to follow story. The developers did a fantastic job with the game and we can’t wait to see more from them. It costs 39,99€ or your region equivalent and with this much bang for your buck it’s well worth its price.

Arizona Sunshine is available in the Steam store here, the Oculus store here, Viveport here and the Playstation store here.

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