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Are You Worthy of Being a Pirate in Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter?

Being a pirate is all fun and stuff. You have a talking parrot on your shoulder, an eye patch to look badass, even if your eye is fine. You drink fine rum and rob other sailors of their treasures and goods. Sounds like a sweet life. That is until your own ship is attacked or is threatened to hit the bottom of the ocean. And what’s worse than that? Your ship to be attacked by magical bloodthirsty creatures. Welcome to Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter!

Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter Screenshot 1

About the Game

Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter is a virtual reality survival game that takes you in a magical realm full of supernatural creatures who seek your death. After your entire crew has been slaughtered by those cursed evil beings you ship is sinking. And as the only one remaining alive on the board, you have to defend yourself and shoot your way out of this sticky situation. Many pirates have lost their lives around the waters of these crazy cursed islands. What makes you different and deserving to survive? This virtual reality standing shooter fully immerses you into a fantasy world of pirates, fairy tales and legends and I can’t help it but to be reminded of The Pirates of the Carribean.

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Gameplay and Features

Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter offers bright-colored and beautiful levels with various challenges and fearless enemies. The way you fight them off is by standing still and shooting with different magic guns that you can buy. Each one has special skills attacks that are going to help you against different enemies and situations. By playing more and more you get to earn coins with which to buy other guns. You also increase your stats and level up your pirate. You can dodge bullets with your physical body and if you are feeling extra competitive you can try and climb to the top of the Best Scores Leaderboard.

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Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter can be a very addictive VR shooter that can really immerse you into the Carribean atmosphere. If you are feeling adventurous and want to embrace your inner pirate, feel free to check this game out on Steam as it just came out.

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