AnimVR the New Approach to Animating Programs

On the 20th of December 2018 comes out a whole new animating experience. AnimVR changed the game by allowing people to animate, integrate and share animated assets in VR. Hand-drawn animation in VR combines the best parts of traditional animation with the advantages of digital content creation tools.



About AnimVR

The developers of AnimVR have worked hard to make storytelling straightforward and fun.  First of all, you can lay out your shots in a timeline. Second of all, you can  fade layers with customizable transitions. And third of all, you can sync your animation to music or dialog. The cinematography tools allow you to record camera movements with a digital steady-cam system. Cross fade between shots and easily preview and tweak Stereo three-dimensional settings. Record and edit audio directly in the software using the headset, or any connected microphone. AnimVRs Story Export allows you to compile your experience into an executable that you can freely share.

Have you worked with Maya, Houdini, Blender or Unity before? Because there are provided exporters and importers in this software. In order for you to easily integrate AnimVR into your production pipeline. This software supports importing many standard file formats. You can find FBX and OBJ over GL Transmission Format to Universal Scene Description files. Export your animations as Alembic Cache or Universal Scene Description. Continue working on them in traditional content creation tools.

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