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This Is Not An Ordinary Anime Visual Novel

Silver:Line made by CodeV Productions is a beautiful fantasy visual novel that brings to life a very impressive story.

About the visual novel 

This is not a typical visual novel. In Silver:line you do not play as the main character, rather you play as the supporting cast. With your choices you can see the characters lives develop in front of you. Every decision has a great impact on what will happen or how the story will evolve. You are recruited as an imperial scholar serving the crown of Lucarene, you live a peaceful life in the castle, responsible for researching and tracking everything there is to know about the royal city.Living a life you could only dream of. Things look normal and easygoing, but one day everything changes. The Kingdoms beloved King has died, or rather has been killed. Who did this and with what motive is up to you to discover. On your journey you will meet many new characters, each with their own story to tell. So the road might be bumpy but it is very exciting. No matter how much you play there are always new discoveries and interesting mysteries. 


In Silver:Line, there are 6 love interest characters of various types for you to pursue. In addition, with our close-knit cast, you’ll get to experience not only your budding relationship with your desired love interest, but also witness the unique group dynamic as new characters join your party and everyone comes to learn more about each other.  Since you can play as one of two scripted genders, our team made sure that the player’s choice isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. Each protagonist will have different reactions and special moments, unique to them. 


Artwise this is an amazing visual novel. All the vibrant colours, all the different backgrounds are just breathtaking. You can not take your eyes off of them. Every detail is in there and it really immerses you into the visual novel. And on top of that the characters are animated and brought to life. Their reactions to every situation are very well presented and also they feel like they are really there. 


The sounds and the music are just wow. Every scene has special tracks and also every effect has a sound added to it. Be it footsteps to glass shattering. Just very impressive overall. It adds all the emotions you need to feel in each scene. Sometimes fear, other times happiness and so on and so forth. They really outdid themselves with the combination of the art animations and the sounds. I shouldn’t miss to mention the voice acting. it is indeed on a very good level. With every line I could feel the characters emotions and feel how they feel. The actors really put a lot of effort into it. 


In conclusion i have to say that this is a very beautiful visual novel that looks alive. The story is very captivating and the characters are interesting and also their voices are very impressive. i would definitely recommend trying it.


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