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Angry Birds VR – Fling the Bird to Kill the Pig

Don’t you just love it when our favorite movie, book or animation gets adapted to another one of our favorite industries – gaming. When our favorite entertainment get adapted into games it gives us another chance to relive the story we fell in love with but from another perspective. And that’s wonderful. Today we are looking at the game adaptation for one of the animation movies that blew up all over the world. Its funny characters creeped up into shops everywhere as merch, and both grown ups and kids fell in love with them. That’s Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs! 

Angry Birds VR IFGN Screenshot 1


Angry Birds – the game has been around for quite some time now. Available for PC, Android and so on. And millions of people have been playing it and enjoying it all over the world. As you probably know, the core mechanic in Angry Birds is to fling the bird to kill the pig. And in Angry Birds VR it is not any different. You have at your disposal 4 birds, or 4 types of ammo. The classic Red, the fast Yellow, the Blue which gives you 3 shots and the exploding Black. And you are shooting at the greedy green pigs and their forts. If you want to make an extra bang, you have to aim for those TNT boxes.This really helps you get that extra score for the 3 stars.

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Shooting is made really simple, you have a slingshot in one hand and with the opposite hand you have to pull the sling. Your “ammo” is automatically charged and you have a line of white dots that act as a shooting guide. Having this guide makes it seems like it will be almost impossible to miss, but that is not the case. You still have to teleport around the place and find the perfect vantage point that will allow to cause devastating damage. 

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Graphics and Levels

Angry Birds in VR looks just as adorable and cartoonish as it does in the animation or in the other games. The levels are divided into 4 stages of 13 levels each. Some levels you can pass really easily including grabbing the 3 stars. While some levels might take you longer to reach the maximum needed score. It all depends on trying and failing until you get it right. Overall, the game provides around 3 to 4 hours of gameplay and if you are aiming to get 100% completion with all 3 stars on each level, it might take you longer. The developers have promised updates that add more stages with more levels, so keep up to date with that.

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For now, the enemies are not so varied. You have the regular greedy green piggies, and big pig bosses that come at the end of each stage. Here is where the try and fail then try again tactic comes to use the most. Because when fighting against the pig bosses, you have to explode the boxes that are around them. And you have to tip them just right to one side so that you can deal just enough damage. If you fail at that, you have to start over again, until you get it right. 

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Angry Birds VR is exactly what it is supposed to be – a fun, laid back and chill adaptation of the famous animation. It is a tad better than the mobile version, as there are no ads and excessive call to actions all the time, so that is always satisfying. The numerous levels will give you hours of fun. And the more ambitious ones, who strive to get the 3 stars for that 100% completion, will get a few extra hours of gameplay. If you have a headset available and are a fan of Angry Birds, definitely get the game on Steam, as it is currently on sale.

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