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An Impossible Survival Game The Last Player: VR Battle Royale

One battlefield, one survivor and many enemies. Enjoy the highly immersive and thrilling VR gaming experience of this VR survival game. Land on a field with other competitors, find weapons and arm yourself or look for cover and hide. Use your resources and time wisely and make it until the end.


VR Battle royale

About the game

Have you ever watched The Hunger Games? The thrill of a life and death competition is now brought to you by Skyline Games, all in virtual reality. Get ready, because what you are going to experience is the real deal. Only by defeating all opponents in the battle royale can you return to the world you came from. Pick your weapons and use everything you’ve got to survive.


VR Battle royale

The introduction of the game is an excitement in itself. You drop to the ground via a parachute you will navigate in the air. The best part of it is the free fall. To prove how real this experience is you can hear footsteps of nearby enemies or the beating of your own heart via the surrounding sound effect. The current state of the game has many interesting features.


VR Battle royale

The first thing you need to know about this survival game is that you will be competing on one map with about 30 other players. Only if you play your cards carefully you can become the sole survivor from all of those people. This is the ultimate survival skill test with competitive rules. In order to avoid sickness in VR the game has implemented multiple control modes. One map that you will be introduced to is the realistic desert battlefield environment.

This could make you feel isolated and that’s why there is in-game voice chat. This lets the players team up and communicate between each other. Speaking about teams, this VR game has a team matching competitive system that supports 2-player teams. Victory is way easier if you have someone watching your back. If your friends don’t have a VR headset or they don’t want to play with you, no worries. The feature random matching team competition is exactly for this purpose. So put on your VR headset, gear up from a variety of weapons and customizable accessories and survive. No matter how long the game continues the supplies are never ending. With the continuous airdrop supply the battle is almost endless.


VR Battle royale


All in all this survival game is a very different and unique experience for the world of virtual reality. You get to play with people from all over the world and test your survival skills as if it’s real life. All the emotions you feel and the exciting moments you will have are unexplainable. It is not yet known when the game is coming out on Steam but many are eagerly waiting for it.

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