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An Exclusive Interview With The Studio Behind InfinityVR

InfinityVR is a VR magic shooting and MOBA game made to work with HTC Vive. In it you pick a character out of a roster of eight unique characters. Then you enter a game either versus bots or versus other players. Use magic to shoot your opponents and mobs and deflect your enemies spells to avoid taking damage. InfinityVR can currently be found on the Steam hot list.

We managed to get an exclusive interview with the TOTgameroom, the developers behind InfinityVR. The following are the questions and answers  from that very interview. Enjoy!

Question One

Q: What was the inspiration behind your game?

A: MOBA games were very popular when we were still at school, we heard our classmates making plans and discussing them every day. So, when we started developing VR games, we found that there are no MOBA games for VR. So we decided to make one.

InfinityVR image 1

Question Two

Q: Tell us a little bit about your team/studio.

A: Our members are four high school classmates. We have been in contact since we entered the workforce. One day, we discussed that our lives have entered their middle ages. But we had not left any work to be remembered by. So, we would like to try something that we wanted to do but did not dare to do before.

Question Three

Q: How long has the game been in development?

A: Due to our non-related industry, we spent three months training and communicating. It took about another three months to formally develop the game. So, six months.

Question Four

Q: According to you what is the most interesting thing about the game?

A: The most interesting thing about MOBAs is of course having fun with friends. We have added a lot of elements such as our favorite Japanese style characters (Let the player upload their character in the future), avoiding the player’s motion sickness, bots…etc. The most important thing is to let players who love MOBA games experience it in VR.

InfinityVR image 2

Question Five

Q: What are your future plans for the game?

A: Here is our development roadmap:

Now (5/9) that we have almost finished the talent/skill system, the next step would be full body tracking, that will let you show your personal actions in the game. We plan a new update this month (May) and some event in order to attract more players. MOBA game will be more interesting with more players.

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