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An Anime Visual Novel With A Dating Sim Twist

Carrot Cafe is a fully animated Visual Novel and a Dating Sim game that tells the story of a young bachelor who’s forced to work on an all-girls maid café!


About the visual novel

You take the role of Satoshi. A newly graduated highschool boy who’ll be working in Carrot Cafe, an all-girls maid cafe. Your task is to manage the family business that has a secret no one knows yet. Carrot Cafe is an anime visual novel with 18+ content. Your goal is to teach a few girls how to become servants for the family business. This anime visual novel also has little elements of point-and-click. In order to go around or accomplish your goals. 


The maids need to be trained to satisfy the needs of the customers. But to be able to do that, you’ll need to find out how to do it right first. This is where you need to improve your maid cafe skills. Learn all the basics of how to become a servant first and then you can be the leader of other servants. And as usual the game will be heavily influenced by the choices you make. Your relationship with your maids and every circumstance depends on it. You can choose to be closer to some maids and more distant to others. This all depends on your own preference. Even better is the fact that all characters inside the game won’t be static images. Unlike other visual novels, every character in Carrot Cafe will be fully animated. They will come to life in front of you as if you are comunicating with a real person. This achieves immersion in this anime visual novel. Here is the best part. The characters aren’t the only ones getting animated, all the cutscenes as well. There are plenty of cutscenes to satisfy the eyes of the viewer. You will also be able to bring someone to different places. All locations will have different ways to interact with. If you feel like going back and remembering your scenes with the girls go to the gallery. And finally there are a few mini games in the game that will keep you entertained. 


The art of Carrot cafe is very interesting. It is super cute and has many animated elements which add a very nice feel for the game. The backgrounds are very colourful and detailed. The characters are also very adorably dressed like bunnies and they have a nice maid outfit that fits the theme very well. Every girl is special and has different features and a different personality. The only thing missing was voice acting. Every visual novel deserves voice acting that makes it very realistic. 

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