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An Amazing Puzzle Shooter That’s A Callback to Zuma : Оh My Ballz

Remember Zuma? How could you not. It was one of the best puzzle games of it’s time. But have you ever wondered what it would be if Zuma was a first person shooter, which was also available for VR? No? Well nevertheless it’s coming and it’s name is Oh My Ballz. The game’s developers, SoulShared Games LLC, are not simply making a shooter version of Zuma, they’re actually  bringing us quite a bit of unique features, so let’s take a look at what we can expect for when the game is released.

Oh My Ballz Shooting


Let’s start with the basics. You start up a level and a chain of differently coloured balls appears and starts slowly moving is what I like to call a conga line. You have a gun that also shoots colourful balls, and when you hit the line they join the formation. Your goal is to stop the chain from reaching the end. How do you do that? By getting three or more balls of the same colour to align one after another. Upon doing so the aforementioned balls will disappear and reduce the size of the line. So that’s the jist of it, but what I’ve described so far is the same as Zuma, so what features does Оh My Ballz have that distinguishes it.

Oh My Ballz Sniper Riffle

Well, first of all, you need to walk around in order to position yourself for a good shot. To keep the environment interesting there are 7 Unique themed worlds to play rough, every one of which has multiple levels. This includes cities, space, pirate ships and many others.

There are also multiple weapons you can unlock in Оh My Ballz, 5 to be exact. You have your basic pistol that shoots balls, an assault rifle that destroys them on hit, an explosive crossbow that not only destroys its target, but also whatever is adjacent to it, a sniper rifle that allows precision when firing and more.

Oh My Ballz Boss

The final thing that gives Оh My Ballz it’s unique feel are the bosses. Yes, you heard right, there are bosses in this game. It’s seems they’re gonna play as a unique puzzle encounters. One example is a Balrog-like demon whose swords change colours and you have to shoot them with the appropriate colour to stop him from attacking.


Оh My Ballz is a unique take of an old classic. Having everything that makes Zuma great, but also adding to that many unique features and mechanics to make the game stand out on it’s own is a promising combination. While Оh My Ballz isn’t out yet, you can still check out it’s Steam page here and you can request a beta access on its official site here.

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