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Amazing VR Sword Fighting: Swords of Gargantua

A lot of VR games feature sword combat, but few actually aim to make it really good and realistic. This is not the case with Swords of Gargantua though.  The game was obviously built around the sword combat, and it’s its main focus. It’s been developed by Yomuneco and published by Gumi Inc, who you probably know from Shadow of the Colossus and some of the Final Fantasy games. Now if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Swords of Gargantua Enemies


In Swords of Gargantua you and up to three other players team up to fight against huge armor-clad giants called Gargantuas and their smaller, less intimidating forces. It’s an action game with a heavy focus on melee combat, as you might have guessed. What distinguishes it from other VR games that feature swords is the collision. When you hit something you actually hit it. Your weapon stops, instead of it passing through the target as if it weren’t there. You also receive haptic feedback which really reinforces the feeling that you are actually striking at something that is there. Too many VR games don’t bother adding this feature and end up feeling as if you are fighting incorporeal ghosts.

Swords of Gargantua Combat

Another very interesting feature that the game has is that you can lock the camera onto enemies while you are fighting them. This is something that you can encounter is some non VR games, but I don’t think it has been done in Virtual Reality before. Though it might be that I just don’t know of another title that uses this mechanic. While it might feel weird at first, it is in fact very helpful when trying to keep track of an enemy and you get used to it quickly.

Swords of Gargantua Boss

If you though those were interesting mechanics, then let me tell you, it’s not over. Swords of Gargantua also features an interesting dodge mechanic. When you take a step in any direction, be it left, right, forwards or backwards, you perform a quick dash. Basically, you put your actual legs to work when avoiding attacks or trying to close in distance. Again, another interesting mechanic that you rarely see in games. You also have the ability to block with a shield, but that isn’t too new or interesting, so I won’t be going in depth.


Swords of Gargantua is truly an awesome game with a lot of interesting innovations. I can’t think of many other VR games that can rival it when it comes to sword combat. The many unique mechanics help it stand out tremendously among other competitors. If you are interested, you can check out the Steam store page here.

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