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Amazing Short VR Film: Conscious Existence – A Journey Within

Today’s game is in fact not a game at all, it’s a short upcoming film for VR called Conscious Existence – A Journey Within. It’s being developed by Marc Zimmermann whose passion is creating and extending computer generated or digital matte paintings of environments for motion pictures. He also has experience making short audio-visual artworks, where everything from concept to compositing and sometimes also sound design and music is done by him. Knowing this you can expect quite the experience from Conscious Existence – A Journey Within. Let’s see, from what we know about the film, what it’s all about.

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within Landscape


The idea of the film is based around the idea that you are gifted with life’s most precious achievement, a conscious existence, which gives you the ability to sense and experience the things around you, to appreciate and hold within, the universe’s boundless beauty. All of this can be a source of infinite inspiration to fuel your inner space. It’s a very interesting concept, something that has certainly passed through your mind at least once in your life, but few people actually think to appreciate it.

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within Field

That’s not the only message the field has to send. It’s also mentions how our way of thinking influences our perception of the world. With the wrong priorities we may be blinded and overlook the ever-present beauty of the universe. Having a positive and grateful mindset helps us  maintain our inspirations and retain well-being.

Marc Zimmermann has been developing this virtual-reality experience to express his own appreciation for life. His goal is for it to be a journey within that aims to touch the viewer on an emotional level and make him transcend into a relaxed and appreciative state of mind. Overall the message is a clear and positive one which I wholeheartedly welcome as it seems that a lot of people today seem to want to concentrate on the bad side of life.

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within Space


I personally love the masse as it’s something I agree with. The fact that we are conscious and self-aware is a gift that allows us to enjoy life. I know that not all will agree and that there are people out there that would rather it not have been this way and I can understand that, but I just don’t think the same way. For those that think this is something they might be interested in you can check out Conscious Existence – A Journey Within’s Steam page here.

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