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Alice VR – Game Review

Famous books often get adaptations in the different industries. Most often in the film one. However a lot of novels get turned into games as well. Even in virtual reality, players can enjoy their favourite pieces. That is the case of Alice VR which got its inspiration from Alice in Wonderland.


Alice VR is a single-player, story driven exploration game with a science-fiction setting and rich puzzles. Although it is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel, it doesn’t follow the exact events as in the book, so keep that in mind. Instead it is designed to be a singular VR adventure in Space.



You are just woken up from cryo sleep by your spaceship’s AI because of a malfunction. Your task is to make an emergency landing on the nearby planet and collect enough fuel to escape. Pretty straightforward at first glance, but you find out that the citizens on this planet have mysteriously disappeared.

alice vr screenshot 2


Along your journey to find out what happened to this planet’s people you go through the adventures of the classic Alice in Wonderland. You solve different puzzles, guided by familiar characters like Cheshire Hat or Mad Hatter. Only with a fresh take from a unique sci-fi environment.



The game has been developed from ground up for VR with futuristic graphics and ambient electronic soundtrack composed by EON Sounds. The story gives you your own paths and decisions, so you may have multiple endings. Alice VR offers over 60 puzzles which you can solve while using the changing gravity and walking on walls and ceilings. However, the puzzles all seem linear and easy to solve. And rarely any of them will frustrate you and therefore, won’t bring the same satisfaction upon solving.

alice vr screenshot 3


The graphics of the game are very pleasing once you set them to high. It offers beautiful environments and sceneries that will bring a feeling of relaxation into the player. However, some parts are glitchy and performance slows down, but that’s a common issue for any game. It will not take anything away from the experience.



Alice VR is a great game, inspired by a classical piece of work. It has its disadvantages and peculiarities but it is a very casual experience that can bring you a lot of fun.




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