Age of Fear: The Free World a part of an RPG Games Series

Age of Fear: The Free World is an introduction to a seven-year old turn-based strategy series that fuses a tabletop wargame with RPG elements. Choose your faction, build a unique army and embark on exploring the realm.


Age of fear

About the game

Age of Fear is a long-running series of fantasy turn-based strategy games. In this game, the player chooses a hero from one of three main factions: the Human Kingdom, the Greenskins Horde or the Undead Legion. My personal favourite proved to be the Undead Legion. Your mission is to explore the lands and battle with other factions to gather gold, artifacts and relics and build a legendary base. The best thing is that this is a free-to-play introduction to the main Age of Fear games. New players can get a taste of the turn-based tactics and fantasy flavour of the series. And this isn’t just a demo, you get a pretty good idea of what AOF: The Free World actually has to offer. There’s a lot more where that came from, in the story-driven campaigns of the main series.


Age of fear


Everyone can try the series at absolutely no cost. Just simply go to their Steam or page and download the game for free. You will be able to experience the game in almost every aspect. While you embark on your journey you will notice that battles are hex-free. You can also test your tactics with a novel movement system and here size matters and units aren’t constrained by artificial grids. Explore the open world and take on a quest to solve interesting mysteries. While you are exploring the map global events can occur. However, this feature is still under developed and might not work for all. That needn’t worry anyone though because the game is frequently updated with the latest features and content. Also, whenever it’s possible, updates are back-ported to all the previous games.


Age of fear

Before you go on any adventures it is wise to build and upgrade a custom army. Choose from more than two hundred unique units, skills and spells. Learn the basics in a hurry, then develop new strategies around a huge variety of skills, spells and battle hazards like neutral factions and environmental effects. And if you prefer to customise a game for yourself simply create your own missions, or even full-fledged campaigns. Sad to say though, every lost soldier in battle stays dead, unless an evil Necromancer raises them as a zombie. Discover numerous unique weapons, armours, potions and treasures, with the rarest granting powerful OP skills and stat bonuses. If this has caught your interest and you really want to play the game but you don’t have a good PC worry not. The game runs even on an old toaster. So download it, sit down comfortably and start building your army to conquer the world.


Age of fear


This RPG turn-based game is really fun to play. You can try out all the three factions and never feel let down. Every faction is unique on its own with different character art and sound. The game has a lot of gameplay, so you will probably spend hours in playing it. More will be always added to the game so it can never get boring. The players can expect a new challenge up ahead almost everyday.  

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