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Adams Ascending – A Spiritual Third Person Adventure

When you see the scale, mechanics, gameplay and concept of Adams Ascending, you are going to think that it is the project of a company with a big team behind it. But it is actually the work of a single man with a simple dream. To help you find your purpose via the amazing world of gaming. Nick DePalo is the man behind Adams Ascending and he has been working on the game solo for 3 and a half years. He had a job that he didn’t enjoy and he felt lost in life. He realized that he wanted to help people find their purpose and help them experience the feeling of following the right path. And that is how the idea for Adams Ascending was born. Nick self-taught himself to program and work with the Unity engine all while balancing a full-time job and a family. And now he needs your help to bring his game to life and reshape the way games are played. Adams Ascending is on Kickstarter and you can visit it here or by clicking the image below:

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Support Adams Ascending on Kickstarter!

Although the Kickstarter ends soon, if you like what Nick is working on you can still support him by donating on his paypal account. Adams Ascending is planned to release for Windows and Mac in 2020. And if the funding goes well, Nick wants to bring it to PS4, XBox and Switch.


About Adams Ascending

Adams Ascending sets you in the distant future of 3033 when humanity is very close to discovering other life forms in the universe. Having reached Mars for resources, a mine site discovers a mysterious anomaly that sets off the interstellar explorer Adam to find answers. He suddenly finds himself crash landed in a world where new dimensions uncover. Revelations about the true purpose of humanity are being raised and Adam must explore, solve and survive everything that he comes across.  Adams Ascending is an immersive story driven game. It lets you decide on what approach you want to take on – one of physical strength or one of supernatural powers. The game aims to be a reflection of the soul and how your decisions will impact your every next step along the journey.

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Changing the game

Adams Ascending has taken on the ambitious task to reshape gameplay by introducing what the developer calls it “purpose play”. A method of game design that focuses on purpose driven gameplay. It is doing that by implementing gameplay style that doesn’t tell the player what to do, but shows them instead. This is done with the help of various visual, music or sound cues and indicators that are going to guide the player.

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Mission objectives won’t be written on the HUD but instead the player has to rely on environmental landmarks to determine their goals and what to do next. Inventory systems have been removed and the way you select your items, weapons or powers is determined by locating a specific item placement on the character.

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Health bars are non-existent and health recovery is very realistic as damage is visually implemented on the character. He will bleed, outfit will be torn, body movement animations will change accordingly. And healing is no longer instant like in every other game but it is a slow process, just like real life. And if you risk your health for something, then you have to live with the consequences for it.

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Faith, Hope and Love – the main guides in Adams Ascending


The concept for Adams Ascending is very unique in a way that it aims to offer the most realistic and close to real life experience. It focuses on the emotion and the feeling that it’s going to raise within the player. And we all know that something that makes us feel a certain way will never be forgotten. The solo developer Nick wants people to be able to find their purpose when they play Adams Ascending. The message that he wants to put through is that in order for us to find our purpose, we have to dive into life and explore, solve and survive. The spiritual adventure game seems like a very promising project with huge potential and ability to be a game changer in the industry. I definitely recommend you check out Adams Ascendings’ Kickstarter page and support Nick on his journey.

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