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A VR Anime Visual Novel Full of Mystery – Project LUX

A story full of mystery and secrets, who is saying the truth and who is lying? Can you trust Lux – a girl in need of help? As a government agent it is your duty to solve the crime case of murder.


Project LUX

About the game

The story of Project LUX takes place in a court trial, set in a futuristic world where most humans have cyber-brains. The defendant on trial is an agent who coordinates with artists to create the data for cyber-brains to interact with people’s emotions. The victim is a girl artist – Lux. Project LUX is a story-oriented VR game, in contrast to recent VR works, which can be described as experience-oriented.

Project LUX might not be exactly defined as a game. It is more like a movie in which you have to answer deep questions with even deeper answers. The story reminds many people of the 1995 anime movie Ghost in the Shell. Here the protagonist Motoko Kusanagi could not stop thinking about self-identity. When she met The Puppet Master, a robot who held self-consciousness, she began to wonder if what she remembered, felt, and experienced were just an electric signal. In Project LUX we have that same feeling of trying to find oneself.


Project LUX

Story and general feel of the game

This anime visual novel features five chapters and two endings. You can complete this VVR anime visual novel in less than a couple of hours. There are only a few choices you can make in Project LUX. Most of the time you will relax and watch Lux as the story goes on. Visually you could say that the art is pretty and very vibrant. And to add to that the animations are brilliant and one of the factors which really adds to the immersion. As to background music there is barely any at all. The entire experience is voiced in Japanese and there is no English voicing in Project Lux, so subtitles will be a must.


Project LUX


In conclusion, Project LUX is a very beautiful visual novel that has an interesting story. If you are a fan of anime this is definitely the thing for you. The art is very mesmerising and the atmosphere does add some pressure to what choices you make.

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