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A Quick Look at JumpHead: Battle4Fun!

If Mario has taught me anything, it’s that jumping on someone’s head is a valid combat maneuver. It seems that the developers of  JumpHead: Battle4Fun! had come to the same conclusion as it’s all about stomping down on your friends from above. The game is a four person party game that promises madness and crazy gameplay. While it’s not out yet, we can still get an idea of what to expect from what is currently presented. So let’s take a look at JumpHead: Battle4Fun!

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! Unicorn Map

About The Game

JumpHead: Battle4Fun!  Is a multiplayer game where you and your friends are dropped in one of thirty different maps, all consisting mainly of platforms, and have to compete to see who is the greatest Jump Champion. You win by landing on as many heads as possible, each one earning you points. Your weight is not your only weapon for fighting your opponents. You can also utilize a ridiculous, but deadly arsenal of twenty six items and bonuses to get an edge over your opponent.

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! Lazer

In addition, there are thirteen different game modes to play, each of which adds a new twist to your fights. These include a Time Is Broken mode, where time is completely broken, a Victim Mode and others. All of this makes for a very varied experience filled with madness and excitement, which is exactly what a party game needs in order to be interesting.

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! TwitMaGeddon


It hasn’t become obvious yet JumpHead: Battle4Fun! is going for a heavy comedic tone, which is not uncommon for party games. The game seems to be forming into a hilarious experience, with potentially limitless replay value that can provide many hours of entertainment for you and your friends. If you have someone to play with, then you should certainly keep an eye on JumpHead: Battle4Fun! You can find the Steam page here.

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