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A Point and Click Adventure Game That Will Melt Your Heart

My team and I recently got the opportunity to attend the indie showcase event in Krakow, Poland – Digital Dragons. Amazing and incredible are weak words to describe the experience. There were so many wonderful indie games that I was left speechless. Today we are going to take a look at one of the games of the event developed by Fireart Games – TOHU.

TOHU IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

TOHU is a classic point & click adventure game that takes place in a colorful world that consists of fish-planets that are floating in an ether. You are in control of the main character, who is a little girl with a big secret. Her secret is that she learned how to use her alter-ego by turning into him, he is called Cubehead and he can carry very heavy stuff and help her along her adventure. As the little girl and Cubehead live calmly, one day a dark creature breaks the Sacred Engine – a heart of the fish-planet which puts every living being in danger. And our adventure seekers are ready to embark on the journey to find someone who can fix the Engine and save their magical world from terror and chaos.

TOHU IFGN Screenshot 2

Game Features

What I was most blown away by this game and when I was walking around all the developers on the event, the look of TOHU immediately caught my eye. The graphic style is very unique and distinctive and I love that they used a purple based colour pattern, because purple is my favourite colour. The amount of detail on every small object is amazing. I remember there was a big creature in the background who had so many eyes and at first I didn’t notice it but when I did I was mind-blown. His eyes were following the cursor everywhere.

TOHU IFGN Screenshot 3

What is more, you get to click on various interesting looking creatures and some of them you collect a card for. So the game has a little system for collectibles that the players who like an extra challenge would love. And if you find it hard on solving the puzzle and continuing forward, you can play a little mini click game which will give you a hint on what to do next. Every character looks unique and the environment itself is something you haven’t seen before.

TOHU IFGN Screenshot 4


I only played the demo of TOHU and I was blown away and I cannot wait to see the finished game. The developers promise 7 to 8 hours of gameplay with lots of unusual mechanics. I seriously recommend it and if you think that it’s a game you are going to enjoy and want to try, feel free to add them on your wishlist. This is their Steam page and the game is planned to release in December 2019.

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