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A Mysterious Puzzle Game The Woods: VR Escape the Room

Solve puzzles, decipher ancient texts, and uncover the mystical secrets. The Woods: VR Escape the Room was designed to accommodate the minimum room scale requirements for VR. Using redirection, moving platforms, and physics based interactions, this VR experience is a completely immersive game from start to finish. No teleporting or artificial locomotion.


VR the room

About the game

Like any other normal day you decide to go for a walk. The woods are a soothing place that helps you relax and it is the perfect place for a walk. What if I tell you that these woods aren’t the same. Once you enter these woods you will regret it forever. You will find yourself locked in a swaying cage above the forest floor. With no recollection of how you got there or who took you there. As a result you will discover the mysteries this forest has to offer in order to return to your everyday life. The Woods: VR Escape the Room is a game that will test your puzzle solving skills. There are a few unique features in this VR experience that will blow your mind away.


VR the room

After acknowledging your situation the only salvation for you is to use objects and clues to figure out how to escape. The environment is fully interactive and with it you solve the puzzles. Reach distant objects and decipher ancient languages. What really brings this game to life is exactly the full room-scale gameplay designed to take full advantage of the HTC Vive. Time will pass and you will probably feel lonely, but luckily a voice will comfort you during your journey. If you help this person out he claims to save you as well. The professional voice acting, the beautiful ambiance, and the custom made soundtrack all deliver a unique experience. The world you find yourself in is very beautiful and realistic. And all of this is accomplished by using the power of Unreal Engine 4.


VR the room


As for now I could say that this game looks very promising and it looks like a real challenge. How well do you deal with difficult situations and how well do you solve puzzles? There is only one way to find out. This puzzle game will be released on the 04.April.2019. A true mystery lies ahead and it is waiting for you to solve it.

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