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A look at Urban Justice

Urban Justice is a side scroller fighting game that is developed by the small indie studio Evil Bunneh. Freshly founded in 2018, the Canadian studio consists of hardcore gamers who have tons of gaming experience behind their backs. And this is exactly what contributes to their passion and creative vision for game development.

Urban Justice IFGN 1
Poly style graphics.

Gameplay and Story

As a side scroller, Urban Justice offers fast-paced gameplay and takes inspiration from some of the classic titles like Streets of Rage and Final Fight. The developers from Evil Bunneh’s goal was to offer players a nostalgic feel in their game, mixed with poly style graphics. All of this done while fighting their way through gangs of various enemies. The game is set in the city of Riverden which is being torn apart by gangs, corruption, hooligans and the worst you can think of from the society. Punching your way through the waves of enemies earns you game coins. Those coins can later be spent on unlocking new characters with new fighting moves. Of course this is available in one of the currently two modes in the game.

One mode is the Story Mode which is self-explanatory for itself. And the other is the Free Play Skirmish Game Mode which allows you to fight against never-ending waves of enemies on different maps.

Urban Justice IFGN 2
Variety of characters.


We asked the developers from Evil Bunneh about what they think is the most interesting feature in their game. And the answer they gave us really got us interested. In the game menu, they added an option “Retro” and by ticking that option it gives the game a retro pixelated style look. That gives the game an even more old and classic feel to it and that is exactly what they aimed by adding the option. Other key features include:

  • Story mode
  • Free Play mode
  • Variety of unlockable characters
  • Partial controller support and more
Urban Justice IFGN 3
Retro style graphics.


Urban Justice has been in development for a little over a year and just recently made its full release on Steam. I believe it is a game with a great purpose behind it and a team with an important mission – to bring back the nostalgia and fun from the old classic games but mixed in with modern technology and mechanics. For the future, the indie studio as planned to add a multiplayer mode as well as more characters. If that idea appeals to you, then you should definitely check out Urban Justice.

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