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A Look At The Blind Prophet – Blood of the Apostle

Most would agree that point and click adventure games don’t have a reputation for being dark and mature. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be though and Baptiste Miny and his team are here to prove that with their project The Blind Prophet – Blood of the Apostle. The game will combine a strong storyline, a sense of fluiugh a comic book-style experience.


In The Blind Prophet you guide Bartholomeus, one of the twelve Apostles of God. These individuals incarnate on Earth,  Hell,  Limbo, Heaven and other inter-worlds to bring back the balance between good and evil. Bartholomeus eternally comes back on Earth to protect God’s children from the corruption of demonic influence.

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Bay

This time Bartholomeus is called to the Rotbork, a city where corruption seems to be running rampant. His job is to cleanse it of evil, something he has a lot of experience with, but as he arrives to execute his duty, things seem to take a very different turn. Immediately upon landing on the bay of Rotbork he witnesses a possessed man attacking a young woman. After Bartholomeus cuts the guy’s hand off and comforts the victim he starts tracking the demon. What follows is a short confrontation, at the end of which the Apostle realises that this time his task might not be so easy.

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Confrontation


As mentioned before, The Blind Prophet is a point and click adventure game, which immediately gives you an idea of what you can expect. You click on objects and people to interact with them. You get a choice between take, observe, discuss and use. Some interactions are more obvious that others, I don’t believe that you would try talking to a pile of trash. Or maybe you would, I don’t know you, who am I to judge.

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Interaction

You also have an inventory where you store items you find. Using them is really straightforward and easy. Just drag the item you want to use to the object you want to use it one and voila, simple as that. There is one very interesting mechanic that I’d like to mention. You have an ability called Stalker’s Eye which allows you to see all interactable objects in the area you are in, which sounds simple, but it can also be used to track people, highlighting blood trails and such. The developers are aiming to make things as simple as possible without taking away from the experience and I think they’ve successfully done it.

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Comic


While The Blind Prophet – Blood of the Apostle is not fully out yet, just by playing the demo you get the feeling that it’s going to be something great. It might not be the first point and click adventure game to take a mature and serious approach, but its amazing art style and narrative make for a unique experience, that I believe should not be missed out on. For those interested, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page of the game, and maybe support the developers if you want to help with making the game a reality.

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