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A look at Run Of Mydan

Run Of Mydan is a virtual reality game, developed by the Italian studio Virtew. The flying shooter is set in a gorgeous world and features a Singleplayer/Co-op campaign and a Multiplayer Arena with up to 10 players. It is currently available on Steam Early Access. But for a game in such an early stage of its development, it is not going to disappoint you.


Gameplay and features

In Run of Mydan, you find yourself floating in the air inside of a cave. You move forward with your controllers and you start emerging in this beautiful pastel-colored world. Being able to fly anywhere you want, gives you the feeling of freedom and it is pretty amazing. Squeezing the triggers creates a rifle-like weapon that you can shoot with. And you can also create a shield for yourself to either block or push enemies away. As you keep flying forward and progress you meet different obstacles and enemies. You have to duck, block or tilt to avoid them and survive. And trust me, it can get very intense and tiring. So you have to get used to your flying ability in order to succeed.

Run of Mydan screenshot

There are a few modes which include a story mode, classic deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill and others. The story mode also has a co-op option that allows you to team up with your friend and conquer the quests. And for the highly competitive out there, the multiplayer mode allows you to challenge other players. And for them to be able to recognize you as the best, you can customize your character’s appearance by unlocking new armors and ornaments.



Run of Mydan offers stunning visuals of an open and airy world, submerged into beautiful pastel colors. It has this fantasy atmosphere mixed with a little bit of mystery. A perfect combination for any fantasy lover out there (like me).

Run of Mydan Screenshot 2


Despite being in Early Access on Steam, Run of Mydan offers hours of fun gameplay that you can enjoy either with friends or alone. It lets you experience the feeling of flying and conquering and I definitely recommend it. Stay tuned about any future updates on the game’s Steam page.

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