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A look at PsyTrek

PsyTrek is a game that’s being developed by Stephen Walker and his studio named Axon Genesis. The studio also works on digital arts, and music which you can find on their website.


The developers call PsyTrek an “antigravity racing game” and say that it is being developed to be playable on PC and VR with its initial release planned to be on Steam. The game promises 12 levels with unique styles, layouts and many pathways.  Customization includes custom avatars and color schemes for your ship.

They boast an original psytrance soundtrack made by Axon Genesis which you can listen to on the PsyTrek website where you can also sign up to take part in their closed beta testing.

Development Timeline

  • May 2017 – Project Start
  • Aug 2017 – Prototype I
  • Dec 2017 – Prototype II
  • Jul 2018 – Closed Beta Testing
  • TBA 2019 – Kickstarter *
  • TBA 2019 – Steam Early Access *
  • TBA 2019 – Final Release *

* Dates subject to change based on funding and any unforeseen circumstances.

If you would like to support the development of PsyTrek you can either wait for the start of their Kickstarter or visit their website and follow the link to donate to the project.


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