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A look at Moo Lander

Moo Lander is an adventure platformer developed by the Bulgarian indie studio The Sixth Hammer. They started with the idea to make a mobile game. However, as they began to turn their ideas into reality, the realized that the game they are creating is too big and complicated to be on mobile. That’s why they decided to start developing Moo Lander for PC. And plans are in the future they will expand to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



The storyline revolves around two distant planets of two alien civilizations – The Landers and the Annunaki. On their worlds the main source for survival is milk. And as The Annunaki becomes greedy for it, a war begins. One that leaves both civilizations with their cows slaughtered and on the edge of extinction. But the legend of a mythical device that can produce infinite amounts of milk gives them hope for survival. Here begins your journey as the bravest soldier sent by The Landers on a mission to find it and bring it back. Sadly you mess up and crashland on the wrong planet – on ancient Earth. The tricky part is that Earth is inhabited by fierce, evolved cows that will stop at nothing to protect their grassy lands.


Gameplay and Graphics

You move around a beautiful 2D world with gorgeous graphics in a special spaceship that has different abilities for shooting. With it you can also abduct cows to bring back to your planet, but you have to defeat them first! Every cow fight is like a mini boss and is different. And you really have to be careful when fighting them, because they have many ways to kill you.

That being said, the game offers a wide variety of other enemies you can fight, each with their own fight style that will require you to adapt to it.


On ancient Earth you will discover many different environments that will leave you fascinated. From high mountains to deep and unexplored caves to vast grassy planes and even mysterious forests. And this is just for this game. If successful, the developers from The Sixth Hammer have big plans for a sequel, that will take you on another alien worlds.



Some of the main features of the game include:

  • Unique cows – each cow will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Its own abilities and approach to defeat you. And all of the cows are aware and trying to use anything in the environment they can in their advantage. Fighting them is like an entire game on itself.
  • Character development – you will be able to grow stronger and stronger while unlocking new abilities and enhancing them with meaningful upgrades.
  • Aware enemies – They will defend, attack, heal and try basically anything  in order to not be defeated by you. And they will not hesitate to use the environment at their advantage.
  • Emotional story – You will unravel the story as you progress and witness the strong bond between the ship AI and its commander.
  • Couch Multiplayer for up to 4 players – The demo already features two multiplayer modes, which will provide tons of fun for you and your friends trying to beat/abduct each other as ships or cows or joining forces against the might AI cows of Moo Lander. In the future you can expect co-op oriented multiplayer modes as well



Despite being still a work in progress, Moo Lander has great potential. It offers stunning 2D visuals, easy and smooth controlling of a cool-looking spaceship. The wide variety of enemies and their fighting styles are never going to leave you bored. The emotional story of a perishing civilization in the search of salvation will take you on a journey that you won’t forget. And above all is the fun of abducting fierce cows that are trying to kill you.

The guys from The Sixth Hammer have put up a Demo which you can download and try for free here. It includes around 30 minutes of gameplay and 2 multiplayer modes for 4 people.

Moo Lander will be available on Steam in 2019 and it will feature 6 full hours of gameplay. If you want to support and stay up to date with the development of Moo Lander, visit the website and follow its social media channels.




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