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A Look at Koruldia Heritage

If you are a fan of old school JRPG’s, then I have some good news for you. Koruldia Heritage fits that description perfectly, but will also have some interesting new mechanics and ideas to offer. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising more than twice its initial goal of £10,000, so what better time to talk about it.

Setting and Story

The setting of the game will take place on an alien moon called Korulimbo. You and your companion, a creature made with bio-technology, will travel this land and confront enemies, make allies and reconnect with forgotten cultures. Not much is known about the story currently, but it has been stated that the plot will be central to Koruldia Heritage. We do have an idea of what it’s about though.  It will revolve around the legacy of humanity in worlds dominated by transhumanism. A unique and promising concept which has the potential to be very intriguing.

Koruldia Heritage Textbox


In Koruldia Heritage the player will have an open world to freely explore. They will be able to choose where to go and in what order to things. The combat won’t be too dissimilar from the standard JRPG turn-based system, however there is a twist to it. Violence won’t be the only option. You will be able to deal with confrontations by taking a more pacifistic approach with your opponent. Alternatively, you could just avoid fights as a whole, as they won’t start until you touch an enemy on the map. The choice you get, on whether you want to resolve a fight peacefully, or just murder your enemies, kinda reminds me of Undertale, which I certainly like.

Koruldia Heritage Combat

There is another interesting feature the game will have to offer. There will be shrine challenges, at the end of which you will encounter a device. This device will allow you to explore the memories of the shrine’s dungeon master in order to resolve their trauma. Upon entering their mind, the game will become more pixelated. This is explained as their memories not being very clear.


Koruldia Heritage holds great potential with its many interesting ideas. It was made by a small indie team of just two people, which is certainly quite an achievement. With the recent success of their Kickstarter campaign things look very promising for the game, so make sure you keep an eye on it and its future development.

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