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A Look At Knights of the Silver Table

Knights of the Silver Table is a retro, Zelda style game, that recently started a Patreon account and you can support them there.. It is being developed by Cenokga Entertainment Studios, an indie company based in Arkansas. Its owner, Kyle Ransford, has taken inspiration from older game franchises, deciding to focusing on 8-bit and 16-bit style games.


We get a general idea of the story from the game’s trailer and what is presented on the Patreon page. There was once a great battle between The Legendary Hero and the Shadow Knight. At the end of the battle, the hero stood victorious. He hoped that this would be the end of the Shadow Knight, but recent events might prove that not to be the case.

Knights of the Silver Table Sword in The Stone

There are four knights that you can play as, Blue Knight, Red Knight, Silent Knight or Starry Knight. They are approached by the village elder who is concerned with a mysterious power that might be the work of the Shadow Knight. The knights are sentĀ  on a journey across the land to find the source behind this power.

Kyle Ransford has stated that most of the story is intentionally left out until the the game approaches it’s release. From what we’ve been shown so far it seems to fit the retro aesthetic perfectly. Older games rarely had an in depth story, mainly relying on gameplay to draw you in.

Knights of the Silver Table Sign


Speaking of gameplay, what can we expect from Knights of the Silver Table? You’ll be able to choose from a single player mode and a co-op multiplayer mode for up to four people. In a fashion, similarĀ  to the old Legend of Zelda games, you will observe the world from a top-down view. As you explore, you will encounter enemies, hidden exits, mini bosses, world bosses and so on.

Knights of the Silver Table Inventory


It seems that Knights of the Silver Table aims to capture the feeling of old 8-bit console games. It certainly gets the aesthetic feel right. As for the gameplay, it’s too soon to state anything with certainty as the game is still in its early stages of development. Knights of the Silver Table does have potential and if you are interested in supporting it the project you can check out its Patreon. The game is estimated to be released around the third or fourth quarter of 2019

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