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A Look at DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking

Do you know what sounds fun? Whitewater rafting. Can you just imagine the thrill of going down a river at incredible speed while water splashes against you. Though there is also the not so fun possibility of dying, which might deter some. But for those people there is DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking which features all the fun of the extreme sport with nonе of the danger. The game is still yet to be released, but we can still take a look at what it’s building up to be.


About the game

DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking is a VR exclusive game where you paddle through a speeding river while surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Your goal in the game is to be as fast as you can, while trying to avoid crashing of course. If you’re not good at kayaking don’t worry. The game will feature a tutorial course to help beginners get a hang on things. After that you’ll be able to hone your skills into becoming a professional.

Pulled by the wind

Your goal will be to perform the best you can on different courses. Some will be more calm and relaxed while others will require high-skill and be filled with adrenaline pumping excitement.You’ll be able to compete for the top spot of online leaderboards or just try to reach a personal best. Depending on how fast you perform you might get rewarded medals which range from bronze to gold.


To help you out with your performance there are a number of power-ups you can get while paddling down the stream. The benefits that they give vary, some will repair your boat, others will increase your speed, while third can give you a grappling hook to launch around rocks.


Whitewater kayaking wouldn’t be something that would come to my mind when thinking about VR, but now when I consider it, it’s actually surprisingly fitting. Combining extreme sports and virtual reality seems to work out great and I believe that DownStream VR has a lot of potential. If you are interested in the game you should check out the Steam store page here.

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