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A look at dont_forget_me

The 2D pixel-drawn game dont_forget_me takes heavy inspiration from The Red Strings Club and Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn. The small indie team that works behind it, consists of three people with a passion to deliver a meaningful story to their game. And isn’t that why we love games? Because of great story-driven gameplay. When a game’s story is good and it brings you different emotions and feelings, that is when it leaves a trace on your memory.

dont_forget_me IFGN 1

Story and Gameplay

The storyline of dont_forget_me is set in a cyberpunk future where mega corporations rule the world. The world’s nations have united under one government and humanity finally lives in peace. The government demands that every citizen installs a chip in their mind. Those chips promise to provide an easier life experience without any memory loss or with their words: “The chip will never let you forget”. However, if you decide that you want to share your memories with someone else or try to preserve them elsewhere there is no legal place and way to do it. As the only option to do so is in outlawed by the government memory clinics.

You take the role of Fran. She is an amnesiac with a blank chip and she works for Bernard, who’s a clinic technician. Your job is to help Fran find her lost past in this narrative game. Your choices will matter and the dialogues you make with other characters will have an impact on your progress, so choose wisely.

dont_forget_me IFGN 2


Inspired from other great story-driven games, dont_forget_me also implements a captivating story as its main feature, which is why I think it will be a great game. Other main features include:

  • Beautiful pixel art
  • Easter eggs! (because who doesn’t love finding them)
  • Great story available in English and French and possibly other languages in the future and more.

dont_forget_me IFGN 3


Even if today’s quickly developing technology allows us to experience games that look even more realistic than real life, the good 2D pixel titles will never get old. And dont_forget_me has the potential to be one of those unforgotten games. It is currently on Kickstarter and the small team of 3 need your help to make this project come to life. So, check out their page for the full details and if you like it, feel free to back them up and help them bring this game to life!

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