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A Horror Japanese Story That Will Keep You Up At Night

Pupil: Wandering VR is an Asian-style horror VR game. The game focuses on an immersive horror atmosphere. All key items and game hints can only be found using the “Moon Lantern”, a main feature that brings to light an extraordinary and truly terrifying experience.


About the game

A hundred chills are about run down your spine when you play Pupil: Wandering VR. A real horror story that will scare even the bravest. This game concentrates on the story of the game, the horror experience and the lantern. The game features a battle system via this moon lantern. The way it works is by exorcising the ghost or revealing hidden objects that will help you further on. The developers plan to create a much more complex version of the combat system.


The story of this VR game surrounds Japanese orient ghost stories. You play as a girl by the name of Yue Lan. You have received a letter from your sister that lives in your hometown. Yue left home about three years ago so she can study. This letter seems very disturbing to her and she decides to go back home and see what is going on. After returning to her hometown everything is different and unfamiliar. She finally discovers what has happened to her sister.  This is up to the player to solve. This is mostly the first chapter and there are four in total. The story is very complex and well thought through. With each chapter you get closer to the truth. And the more you understand about Yue’s sister the clearer the picture becomes. The truth lies ahead and only you can solve it.


The horror experience you get is not just random or sudden. It is connected with the story and the events in the game. This is in order to provide the player with an even more shocking journey. There are also puzzles in the game that you need to solve fast or face the horrors of your surroundings. The developers of Pupil: Wandering VR took advantage of the 3D world very well. The audio creates a terrifying ambient for you. Some sounds could even be clues. There aren’t many games like this one where they use music and scenery to build up a moment of true terror. Pupil: Wandering VR is a really unique horror game. You can never know what waits around every corner.


The full version is being developed now. The current version of the game will be released as an EA version with a big discount. Pupil: Wandering VR is a special kind of a VR horror game that will exceed your expectations.

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