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A futuristic VR spy game: The Spy Who Shrunk Me

Spy movies are the best! No one is as cool and as smooth as a spy on a mission. So why not play some games where you are a spy? Well, as it turns out there are great games about just that. And some of the most interesting ones are in VR. That way you get to immerse yourself in the experience and feel the tension of being on a dangerous mission. I recently wrote about one of the best virtual reality spy games, I Expect You To Die. Now let’s look at a more recent game in the genre, The Spy Who Shrunk Me.

What’s it about?

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is set in the 1980’s. You play as Audrey Smoothspy, a very inconspicuous name. A world class spy who is on a mission to go to Moscow and Berlin and put an end to the Cold War, the only way she knows how. By being a sneaky little spy. Sometimes literally little.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me  white corridor with a man in it

Your arsenal

You are armed with banana peels, that you can throw on the ground and make people slip and airbag mines, that explode and send people flying. But that can’t be all, right? Right. As you might have gathered from the name of the game and that “Sometimes literally little” thing I said a minute ago, there is something else. You also have a stolen Soviet shrink ray that you can use to shrink people to a more manageable size. After they are nice and small, you may do with them as you please. Flush them down the toilet. Sure. Throw them in a paper shredder. A bit more gruesome but yes. You can do that. And if shrinking others isn’t an option, shrink yourself. Let’s see them find a sneaking secret agent who is the size of a Barbie doll.

A bit down the line, you also get some gadgets that are just as futuristic, if not more, as the shrink ray. Those are a pair of “Spytacles”, with which to see through walls and a stopwatch that literally stops time. These are all things that will definitely come in while trying to stop the big bad boss behind the whole operation, General Bolscotchkovich.

the spy who shrunk me lasers and a gun, shrink ray

What you get

The game is played in virtual reality and has three levels which you can pass in your own way. Choose your path and your targets carefully. There are multiple endings to uncover and It’s all fully voice-acted. The Spy Who Shrunk Me also has a jamming soundtrack to add to the atmosphere. The developers at Catland say that the game is inspired by Ant-Man and the Austin Powers movies. It is also a love letter to the No One Lives Forever games.


Obviously a very creative experience with interesting ideas. Made by people who know what they want to make and they know how to make it. Playable on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR and available on Steam.

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