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A Cowmergency in The Cow Game

When cows are attacked by mysterious forces on Earth, you are called upon to complete challenges and face battles to get your cattle back to their Mooooonbase.


The Cow Game

About The Cow Game

Right now in Germany Hive Interactive are working hard to save the cows of Earth. They are looking for backup on Kickstarter and it looks like you might be the one for them. You and your cow team will have to hold back a tide of enemies as they pour through. Be ready, get mad, and bring out your animal instinct to every wave as they increase through the game. Expect a lot of fun characters and worlds to explore. Become the superhero of the cow society and gain trusted followers.


The Cow Game


You are a cow with a mission. Fly through worlds and use milk as a weapon of mass destruction while you lick your enemies into oblivion. People will try to sabotage you so dodge them in midair and lick them away. Challenges will be a part of your adventure. There are daily challenges, for example the Cowmergency can’t end until you’ve saved every last cow. You will find a herd in every corner of the world. Also every day in The Cow Game there are brand-new challenges. You have quests, missions and puzzles to keep the cows mooooving. For the weekly challenges there are big rewards. Step in the various game modes and try something new or take on the challenge for a week and kick some rump. They’ve got seasonal themes like Christmas and Halloween to add style and power to your arsenal.


The Cow Game


You and your cows can live in total luxury. Collect cows, make your own shed and get your bling on. From fancy stalls to glitter bombs, and multi-colored dancefloors to rival any disco, you and your cows can have the best time ever. Buy, earn or trade for the chicest pads, then, when you’re ready to socialise, invite your friends over for the hottest ticket in town.

The best part is that you can doll up too. An evening dress, a bullet belt, a pair of Wellington boots. The Cowstomisation mode will give life to your beloved cow. Jazz her up, dress her down, but get her looking her very best for battle. The customisation feature is not just for your cow though but for your enemies too. With additional skins for screen and UI you’ve got everything you need to look absolutely stunning, every cow in town will envy you.


The Cow Game


The Cow Game seems to be a very fun-looking project that encourages the caretaking of cows. It has a very adorable artstyle, interesting characters and worlds you can enjoy. It is still in Kickstarter and there are plenty of challenges you can choose from. You also have the option to customise your character in whichever way you like.

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