Immerse Yourself in the Deserted World of Tokyo Chronos – A VR Anime Visual Novel

Tokyo Chronos

Tokyo Chronos is the latest project of the Japanese video game studio MyDearest. This devoted team has taken up the task of finding the full immersion of storytelling in VR. The story of Tokyo Chronos is told via a mix of gorgeous visual animation and a new comic book style UI, taking its inspiration from both animation and the visual novel genre and bringing them together in a brand new way. The project team is led by Kazuma Miki, the producer of Sword Art Online.


Tokyo Chronos

About the immersive VR experience

A new anime visual novel has entered the world of virtual reality and has grabbed the attention of many. We follow the story of eight Japanese students which are in a deserted Shibuya where time has stopped. Every character has a unique personality which creates the feeling of authenticity. The fate of these characters lies in your hands. The professional voice-acting will add a lot to the immersion you will experience. Your choices, your story, your ending. Every decision shapes the world around you and determines what your ending will be. Of course you can replay this VR anime visual novel as much as you want to experience every ending. You take the role of Kyosuke Sakurai – a 16 year-old boy attending high school in Shibuya. You wake up to find yourself in the “Chronos World”. While everyone becomes suspicious of one another, you try your best to trust them.


The characters are very impressive with their different qualities and look. Every character has a distinct feel to them.


Tokyo Chronos Karen is a quiet and mysterious girl. Calm but strong-willed.


Tokyo Chronos

Yu is a girl with a simple and innocent personality. She is in the Camera Club, and brings with her a pink camera at all times.


Tokyo Chronos

Yuria is a genius physicist acknowledged by the government. Carries around a strange stuffed animal that she named Patty. She acts at her own pace, but when something happened within the group of friends, she has always helped solve the problem using her intelligence.


Tokyo Chronos

Sai is the class president at his high school and the son of a well-known politician. Having handsome looks, an intelligent mind, athletic prowess and very few if any faults, he is the perfect person. Considered the brains among the 8 friends.


Tokyo Chronos

Ai is the vice president of the student council at her high school and is the cool but serious type. What is right is of utmost important to her and she’s hard on others and even herself in that regard.


Tokyo Chronos

Sota is an optimistic jokester and the mood maker in the group. Although he’s quick to get into fights with others, he’s a lovable idiot who absolutely hates those that act unjustly towards others.


Tokyo Chronos

Tetsu works as the treasurer of the high school student council. Although he often shows hesitation and is reserved, Tetsu is very observant of the things around him and is a kindhearted individual who understands the problems that people have.  


Tokyo Chronos


All in all Tokyo Chronos is a very interesting and unusual way of presenting a VR anime visual novel nowadays. With a variety of characters and different endings it is a very immersive experience. Even though VR might not be one of the best choices for visual novels this game studio took the challenge and gave all it got. After having a successful Kickstarter, MyDearest released the game on Steam.

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