An Anime Visual Novel With A Dating Sim Twist

Carrot Cafe is a fully animated Visual Novel and a Dating Sim game that tells the story of a young bachelor who’s forced to work on an all-girls maid café!


About the visual novel

You take the role of Satoshi. A newly graduated highschool boy who’ll be working in Carrot Cafe, an all-girls maid cafe. Your task is to manage the family business that has a secret no one knows yet. Carrot Cafe is an anime visual novel with 18+ content. Your goal is to teach a few girls how to become servants for the family business. This anime visual novel also has little elements of point-and-click. In order to go around or accomplish your goals. 


The maids need to be trained to satisfy the needs of the customers. But to be able to do that, you’ll need to find out how to do it right first. This is where you need to improve your maid cafe skills. Learn all the basics of how to become a servant first and then you can be the leader of other servants. And as usual the game will be heavily influenced by the choices you make. Your relationship with your maids and every circumstance depends on it. You can choose to be closer to some maids and more distant to others. This all depends on your own preference. Even better is the fact that all characters inside the game won’t be static images. Unlike other visual novels, every character in Carrot Cafe will be fully animated. They will come to life in front of you as if you are comunicating with a real person. This achieves immersion in this anime visual novel. Here is the best part. The characters aren’t the only ones getting animated, all the cutscenes as well. There are plenty of cutscenes to satisfy the eyes of the viewer. You will also be able to bring someone to different places. All locations will have different ways to interact with. If you feel like going back and remembering your scenes with the girls go to the gallery. And finally there are a few mini games in the game that will keep you entertained. 


The art of Carrot cafe is very interesting. It is super cute and has many animated elements which add a very nice feel for the game. The backgrounds are very colourful and detailed. The characters are also very adorably dressed like bunnies and they have a nice maid outfit that fits the theme very well. Every girl is special and has different features and a different personality. The only thing missing was voice acting. Every visual novel deserves voice acting that makes it very realistic. 

Fulfill Your Dreams of Breaking into Houses in Thief Simulator VR

Thank God for games that let you experience the darker side of yourself. Games that allow you to get to know the evil twin within you. Those are games in which you can break the law, do absolutely inappropriate things in public that you wouldn’t normally do in real life and even… As much as I don’t want to say it – commit more serious crimes like murder. It’s not funny, but I just don’t know what is so satisfying about running over large groups of people in GTA, for example. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyways, today we are looking at Thief Simulator – a game that is going to allow you to experience another forbidden by society action – stealing! 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

In Thief Simulator, you are a burglar who roams around sandbox neighbourhoods. With your fine skills in theft, you have to observe your target home and gather as much information about it as possible, so that you can commit a successful burglary. Sell the stolen goods so that you can then buy some high-end burglar equipment. Also, improve your thief skills even further by taking the challenge to rob the best secured homes. This is Thief Simulator and there is only one thing you can’t do – let yourself get caught! 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and Features

In Thief Simulator you have to gather intel for your next victim. You do that by selecting your target, finding out who lives there, studying their schedule and all of that necessary information that will help you with the theft. You have lots of possible approaches to commit the burglary and it is all up to your skills and imagination. Remember, you have to be quick. And you have to gather the most valuable things. Your backpack isn’t infinite, so you can’t carry everything. It is up to you to decide what is worth carrying and what should be left behind, so that it doesn’t slow you down. A cool feature in the game is the special thief flashlight. It allows you to spot from afar places where there is a higher chance to find valuable items. Just highlight the places you expect them to be. 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 3

Of course, some of the items you find will help you out in a different way. They will save you time and teach you new skills like lockpicking or hacking. But you must always have your eyes peeled. Sometimes, a house may have unexpected guests that if they catch you, will immediately call the police. You can then wait until they give up or run away. You should also remember that some things can also attract police attention to you. 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 4


Thief Simulator is promising to be a very realistic game with good-looking graphics and interesting and authentic gameplay. The developers have provided a lot of fun features in the game, that will help bring to the immersion both in a VR game and in the role of a thief/burglar. The game is marked as coming soon to Steam, so if you like simulators and have always wanted to know what it’s like to be a thief, then I definitely recommend you add this game to your wishlist.

Is This Game A Ghostbusters Simulator? – Spectro VR

What comes after death is a question we have all asked ourselves not once in our lifetime. And we to this day we don’t have the answer to that. Not even science can tell us, nor the so called psychics who claim to know the afterlife. And this lack of knowledge has given birth to many concepts. One of these concepts is that after death, our souls stay on Earth as they turn into ghosts and start to haunt people and items. Well, today we are looking at a game that is going to allow you to become a ghostbuster and face the paranormal in virtual reality – Spectro. 

Spectro IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

Spectro is a ghost hunting action game, that was made exclusively for virtual reality. The gameplay includes roguelike elements and infinite haunted levels to explore. It is set in the town of Weirdwood where something strange has been going on lately. You as the player and ghostbuster, have to dust off your gear and head into the most dangerous and creepy places to hunt for the ghosts. Of course, along the way you will be able to gather loot and face unique challenges every time you play. 

Spectro IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and Features

In Spectro, you have infinite randomness! The haunted house levels are randomly generated. Which means that you will be able to explore a new haunted house every time! Each randomly generated level will contain a unique layout, items and handcrafted elements that will provide a different experience every time. As you explore, you will be able to collect a variety of 40 different items and blasters. With the coins you save up, you will be able to buy upgrades to your gear and power-up kits, so that you can take on tougher ghosts 

Spectro IFGN Screenshot 3

Speaking of ghosts, there are a variety of them. Some channel their evil ghost energy at you and others throw bombs. Some are even so outrageous that they shoot lasers through their eyes! You’d better bust those ghosts and not let them escape and cause so much terror to other innocent people. And in order to move around as easy and comfortable, the developers of Spectro have made sure to give you all locomotion options. Both teleport and smooth locomotion are available as well as other customizable settings that will provide you with full immersion. 

Spectro IFGN Screenshot 4


Despite being in Early Access, Spectro is a virtual reality game that will provide hours of fun and satisfaction of being a ghostbuster. The feature of randomly generated levels is amazing and will provide for hours of replayability for the game. The developers from Borrowed Light Studios are planning to have Spectro in Early Access for around 6 to 12 months. What they need right now is your feedback so that they can polish the game and make it perfect. I definitely recommend you check out Spectro on their Steam page.

Upcoming VR Fishing Game: Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

I have the blood of a fisherman running through my veins. My dad, grandfather, my uncle, all are into the hobby. And I don’t mean they just casually go fishing from time to time. Almost every Saturday and Sunday my father goes to a lake, I’ve seen him bring monsters bigger than him. Then there’s me, someone that utterly sucks at fishing. When I saw that Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is planned to come out I thought to myself “Hey, I can at least pretend to fit in the family ”. While not released yet, there are already things that we can expect based on the non-VR version and what we’ve been told by the developers.



So, as you might suspect, Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is a game about fishing. No don’t run away yet, it’s more interesting than it sounds. The game is actually realistic enough to be fun, but not realistic enough to be boring. As it has been stated on the Steam page “Warning! In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator the fish are biting like crazy. We guarantee that you’ll never fall asleep.” It’s also chock-full of features so let’s look at them.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR has a bunch of techniques players can use. These include float fishing, bottom fishing, fly fishing, spinning, sea fishing, surfcasting and ice fishing. I’ll be honest. I don’t know what most of them are and I have no intention to ask my dad so just use your imagination or Google.

Ice Fishing

You’ll be able to go fishing on several different maps, including winter ones with a unique ice fishing mechanic. If you get bored with the maps that the game offers then don’t worry. You can make your own and share them with the world for all fish to see. There’s gonna be a ton of equipment you’ll be able to use during your travels. This includes rod pods, indicators, groundbaits, nymphs, streamers, feeders and much, more. There’s also gonna be an underwater camera that will allow you to see through the point of view of your, just in case you wanted to play Jaws instead.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR will have two modes. The first is Normal Mode where everything mentioned above is available and fish bite quickly. The other is Realistic Mode where you have to be more patient as the fish aren’t as eager and fight harder, and the underwater camera is disabled. This isn’t even end of the feature list, but these are the more prominent stuff, so as you can see there’s gonna be quite a bit to do in the game.



Games have proven that even seemingly boring things can be fun and I hope that that is the case with Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR as well.  From what we can see the game looks good, with great environments, and the features are plenty. If you are interested you can check it out on its official Steam store page here.

Spread Light in This Soothing VR Game: Fujii

Action and violence is fun and all, but sometimes you want to play a calm game, one that makes you look at the environment and its creatures and go “Woah, I could meditate here”, instead of “How much HP does it have”. Fujii is one such game. It’s been developed by Funktronic Labs, a studio that is heavily concentrated on virtual reality, and it shows. They have other critically acclaimed titles such as Cosmic Trip. But we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about Fujii.



When you start the game you come out of an enchanted tree and are faced with your first magical environment. There are three to be exact, each biome having its own unique quirk. FOr instance, one has lilypads you have to jump from, another has musical notes that you have to match with flower petals, and a third has stems you have to remove. Fujii plays like a combination of a gardening simulator and an exploration game. You walk across the world, collecting orbs and giving life to creatures and plants by spreading light around.

Glowing FLower

The other major things that you can do is collect seeds of different plants. You can then plant them in pots in the hub world. You can then take care of the plants by watering them, and you can buy move with orbs. Eventually, if you’ve taken good care of them they will, they will grow and start producing more orbs for you. This means that your motivated to return and take care of them, as you’ll slowly build up your own beautiful garden.



Fujii is a charming and immersive game, that, while doesn’t offer that much content, does what it sets out to do well. It’s simply pleasant, the music, the charming aesthetic, the cute gnome playing a banjo that follows you around. It would be great if it offered more of what it already had, but even as it stands it’s still a good game. If you are interested you can check out Fujii on Steam here.